VasoMax™ homeopathic vasopressin spray, A key to streamlining your thoughts & memory, $49.50 wholesale, 60% off retail.

VasoMax™ homeopathic vasopressin spray, A key to streamlining your thoughts & memory, $49.50 wholesale, 60% off retail.

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VasoMax™ homeopathic spray (vasopressin) is much more than memory amino acid. It is known as the key to streamlining your thoughts and improving learning because people with vasopressin deficiency are forgetful. VasoMax™ helps us to form and retain memoriesIt's responsible for imprinting the brain with information which gives us the power to keep up with the mental demands of life. Last, it helps us to remember important details of a conversation or when reading.

VasoMax™ is also a key to the architecture of the brain. Fourteen clinical studies attest to the fact that VasoMax™ supports long- and short-term memory, memory retrieval, and rapid-eye-movement or REM quality of sleep. It behooves everyone to supplement VasoMax™ because it adds an additional 45 minutes of sound and needed sleep, especially during one's senior years. That extra 45 minutes allows the brain's microglial cells to clean the brain through phagocytosis of unwanted and dangerous amyloid toxins that accumulate during aging. VasoMax™ and not its synthetic analog, desmopressin, have even been successfully used to treat Alzheimer's patients for mild improvement in memory.

Furthermore, VasoMax™ may help with glaucoma. Clinical studies have verified that VasoMax™ alone suppresses aqueous humor flow by a resounding 60 percent plus or minus 5 percent and lowered ocular pressure by 20 percent. In my opinion, the best of all nootropics is natural vasopressin (VasoMax™ spray.) Using our patented 'Pro' nanotechnology, VasoMax™ is micronized for rapid adsorption through the skin, nasal cavity, or under the tongue. 

We offer wholesale one bottle for 49.50 dollars including tax and standard shipping. (Retail value = $129.99) 6ml bottle, 600IU liquid (60 sprays) for nasal, sublingual or topical application. Nasal application is preferred for maximum effect. Apply nasally for best effect. If used under the tongue, half the dose is swallowed.

The FDA has not evaluated these claims. No claims are made to correct or cure a disease. Problems caused by aging are not considered to be diseases. Instead, they are natural processes encountered during aging.