About Us

Innovation Is Our Motto.

When people think about aging, they often think about products that can make them look younger. But did you know that natural supplements can help you be younger?

     NaturalsPro offers natural supplements that signal your pituitary gland to produce human growth hormone (HGH). HGH and other hormones and peptides are essential for repairing our bodies and maintaining good health. Young people naturally have an abundance of hormones and peptides, but when aging kicks in at age thirty, the signs and symptoms of aging become apparent. In other words, when the production of hormones slows or stops, aging and poor health begin to impact us. How and why does this process occur?

     After our mid-twenties, our pituitary glands gradually stop producing HGH. When the production of HGH and other endocrine-gland products (thyroid, testosterone, cortisol, DHEA) is slowed, we begin to age Progressive loss of hormones and peptides will eventually cause us to become feeble, senile, and incapacitated. Here is an apt example: Imagine you see in the distance two men walking away from you.

Both men have the same height and hair color. One man is age fifty, and one man is age eighty. Which man is fifty, and which is eighty? Simple. The man with a normal gait is fifty, and the man with an impaired gait is eighty. Steadily decreasing and deficient peptides and hormones, such as HGH, testosterone, follistatin, and relaxin, account for an increasingly impaired gait. At age 110, no one can walk, and everyone is confined to a wheelchair. [a] The Gerontology Research Center, UCLA, Los Angeles and [b], Lippman 2019; Stay 40, Outskirts Press, Denver, CO.

     Consider another example: Have you noticed that some people develop “crow’s feet” on the sides of their eyes starting in their forties or fifties? This is often a sign of aldosterone deficiency, and if you apply topical aldosterone (AldoMax) to the sides of the eyes and lips, crow’s feet will flatten and disappear in about a month. [b]

     Or consider this example: Have you noticed the progressive graying of a person’s hair as they age? This is often a sign of a progressive loss of antioxidants such as glutathione and anti-free radical enzymes such as superoxide dismutase. Consuming N-acetyl carnosine or N-acetyl carnitine, and consuming glutathione powder (Breath Easy), will often help slow the hair-graying process. (a) Consuming N-acetyl carnitine has an additional benefit: It slows the oxidation of oils and fats in the body to smelly aldehydes such as nonenal. Nonenal is pungent and oily, and it causes that “old-people smell” often noticed in nursing homes. As a product of dysbiosis, we all start producing smelly nonenal after age 40.

     At NaturalsPro, we have substances that will help slow your aging and help you appear and feel younger. We have HGH-releasing peptides, Releasing-Max and Serm-Max, that help tighten and firm your skin and muscles. These peptides are normally found in young people who naturally have high levels of them. These peptides are often deficient in people over the age of forty or fifty; thus, their skin begins to pale, and muscles begin to sag and shrink. According to Archives of Neurology, they may even improve brain function.    

      In 2012, scientists from the Department of Psychiatry, University of Washington Medical school, conducted a clinical study in older patients, average age sixty-eight, with mild cognitive impairment. When patients consumed 1 mgof HGH-releasing peptides daily, they found that verbal memory and executive function (mental control and self-regulation) improved, and body fat was reduced by 7.3 percent (P <. 001).  

Our Background

     Our NaturalsPro line-of-products is in the forefront of new developments in the expanding field of preventive and anti-aging medicine. We have always asked the questions: Why do we age and what can we do about it? We strive to discover the underlying cellular processes of aging and not merely address the cosmetic aspects of covering up aging. Which would you prefer?

     Since 1979 in Sweden, we have researched, produced, and registered fine nutraceuticals that are dully registered with the Swedish and Italian FDAs. The National Institute on Aging tested our products with three government laboratories in 2002 and found that our patented product, nordihydroguarietic acid antioxidant, reverses aging in mice by a mean average of 12 percent. In 1984, we were first to invent the nicotine transdermal patch in Sweden and to market it extensively on the Univision in the USA. Later in 1997, we marketed another patented transdermal patch, the vitamin B-12 patch, for improved transdermal absorption of B 12.

    We continue to innovate with the latest in antiaging and preventative remedies that often use polypeptides to repair and reverse the ravages of aging. Our remedies are for animals and for people. Many of our all-natural remedies have been tested and recommended by leaders in the industry, such as John Henrickson, MD, and Jonathan V. Wright, MD, in the United States.

   In Sweden and Canada, we continue to innovate and produce natural remedies exclusively for preventive and anti-aging medicine practitioners and their patients.

 Forward Thinking in Research and Development

    During the summer and fall of 2015, we developed new methods of nutraceutical application for neurosurgeon John Hendrickson, MD.  We lectured on our methods at his school in the late fall of 2015 and several years afterwards. In addition, we produced several samples of time-release oxytocin, using various dosages according to Dr. Hendrickson’s specifications.

     One of Dr. Henrickson’s particular favorite samples was a unique sublingual tablet. This unique tablet allowed a patient to dissolve it slowly for 4-5 minutes under the tongue, or alternatively, to chew it for immediate, and rapid absorption. For this breakthrough invention, we received much praise from the anti-aging community at the December 2016 meeting of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We continually strive to find natural and healthy solutions for health-care professionals and their patients.

 Keeping Abreast of the Latest Therapies

   We are keeping abreast of the latest therapies by attending and lecturing at many of the prominent anti-aging and preventative medical conferences worldwide. For example, we recently lectured at the Age Management Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, where we received a standing ovation and numerous inquiries from 26 physicians and scientists. We believe lecturing and attending conferences is the best way to keep current and remain cutting edge in the exciting field of preventive and anti-aging medicine.

    To further our cause, we have recently applied for a patent for a new, and effective transdermal base used in bioidentical hormone and peptide therapies. This unique base will become our signature gel or liquid for our ongoing research into transdermal gels and sprays for the application of peptides and other natural substances.

 Quality Ingredients and Analysis

    Our ingredients are usually sourced in Sweden and Canada due to the questionable quality of ingredients coming from Asia. We further purify our ingredients with vacuum distillation at ambient temperature to ensure purity in excess of 99 percent. We test for purity using mass spectroscopy and gas chromatography. We have often observed that our competitors will accept poor-quality ingredients that will not even dissolve completely in common solvents such as distilled water or vegetable oils. We reject such questionable ingredients out of hand, and we hope that all healthcare practitioners will do likewise.

    We strive to maintain high quality control standards. Our laboratory uses equipment that maintains USP 795 and USP 797 standards.

    Because aging is not a disease, the American FDA does not regulate treatment of aging. Thus, the American FDA has not evaluated our products for treatment of any disease. Treatment of disease should be left to licensed medical professional such as a licensed physician for humans or licensed veterinarian for animals.