The Most Effective Digestive Aid Ever Invented

Digestif™ was specially formulated in Sweden at the Royal Institute of Technology for chronic digestive problems that may occur through bacteria contaminants or the consumption of junk food.  

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Save Your Brain and Body from Free Radical Attack with ACF-228, BPC157-Max, PTI-141-Max, and ThymosinBeta4-Max!

Prominent scientists writing recently in the Journal of Neuroscience have revealed several new discoveries. The brain has its own clearing system separate from the body’s lymphatic system. This clearing system (glymphatic) only works when we’re sleeping. It uses glial cells on the brain’s surface to clean the cellular waste carried by a clear and watery cerebrospinal fluid (2). It’s interesting to note that during waking hours, only 5 percent of this glial cleaning system is active.   

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Progesterone Benefits For Improved Health:

Progest-Max helps to prevent excess growth of prostate and breast tissue.     "It goes in very gently and not with a rush as is the case with other progesterone creams that contain a dozen or more additives."

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