ReleasingMax, an amino acid that naturally boosts pituitary function and releases growth hormone.

Professor Richard Walker, M.D., Ph.D. has determined that a specific number of amino acids enhance pituitary release. The basic amino acid chain, Sermorelin, contains 29 amino acids that boost pituitary function. In humans, sermorelin helps to release the contents of the pituitary. This is important to everyone past the age of 40 years because fewer amino acids in the bloodstream negatively impact health and longevity. Sermorelin does not act as an antagonist, but instead as a pituitary releasing agent. GHRP2 is the analog from Ghrelin, a known significant agonist which increases hunger in humans. In contrast, GHRP6 is another natural amino acid chain that appears to also enhance pituitary output. Happily, all these amino acids are stable at ambient and do not need to be injected. For example, both Sermorelin and GHRP6 can be taken intra-nasally or sublingually or even topically. Some people use them together for a further synergetic and enhanced effect.

Wholesale price is $29.50 for one 8ml bottle plus tax and shipping. Each bottle contains 10 IU pure Semorelin. 500IU liquid (60 sprays) for a sublingual or topical application. Apply nasally for best effect. If used under the tongue, half the dose is swallowed.