Thinking of using sermorelin to combat the effects of aging and improve health?

They say that time makes fools of us all. And concerning aging, most people would hold that maxim to be self-demonstrating.
There are countless strategies out there intended to help turn back the clock, from age-fighting diets to dedicated exercise regimens. Many techniques focus on boosting the production of age-fighting hormones. One of the most popular involves a substance called Sermorelin.
But what is it, exactly? And does Sermorelin work towards reducing the effects of aging?
What Is Sermorelin?
At the center of this question is Human Growth Hormone (HGH), a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. While it's probably most associated with spurring growth during adolescence, it has several important metabolic functions throughout adulthood.
Where the problem arises is that around the age of 30, our ability to produce HGH begins to taper off. The older we get, the more severe the decline.
This loss of HGH manifests itself in a variety of ways, with some of the most noticeable being the loss of muscle mass, energy, and libido. It's also normal to experience weight gain, aging skin, slower metabolism, and declining memory, especially as the HGH decline progresses.
So how does the sermorelin factor into the equation? Well, Sermorelin is a natural peptide that is intended to stimulate the production of HGH, boosting levels naturally as opposed to just taking regular injections.
Higher HGH levels mean reduced effects of aging. Seems simple enough, right? Well, let's take a look at how proponents claim sermorelin affects the body.
Sermorelin's Purported Benefits
Because HGH, or rather the lack of it, has wide-reaching effects on the body, using sermorelin to help boost HGH is associated with an equally wide assortment of potential benefits.
Some of the benefits the Sermorelin is thought to provide include:
Heightened Athletic Performance
The loss of HGH is associated with fatigue, listlessness, and decreased endurance, none of which are conducive to a good workout.
By pumping up your HGH, Sermorelin should counteract these symptoms of aging. An increase in energy levels is usually reported not long after treatment begins, with notable increases in athletic performance being noted after around three-to-six months of treatment.
Increased Muscle Mass
The loss of HGH doesn't just affect your stamina and endurance, but your muscle strength and definition as well. This is why your body composition becomes progressively more difficult to change after age 30. Your body just isn't producing essential growth hormones like it did when you were 20.
Another contributing factor is our tendency to pack on extra fat as we age. Over time this can affect our metabolism and body chemistry, making it more difficult still to gain muscle mass.
It is suggested that using Sermorelin can help to reverse both of these effects. By promoting HGH production, you have a much easier time gaining muscle. The act of producing HGH also causes your body to burn fat for quick energy, which will help you to shed excess weight while helping to ratchet up your metabolism.
Improved Heart Health and Bone Density
There is evidence to suggest that declining HGH levels can harm our heart health, possibly even leading to heart failure later in life. By helping to restore HGH to optimal levels, Sermorelin would then logically help to safeguard your heart health. And there's some evidence of these effects in practice, with some congestive heart failure patients showing improvement after undergoing Sermorelin therapy.
Along with our hearts, our bones also tend to suffer from age. Declining HGH levels mean that fewer new bone cells are being produced, and our bone density begins to decline as a result.
By using Sermorelin to boost HGH levels, you would then be helping to maintain your bone density for longer, and potentially preventing debilitating injuries that become more common with age.
Improved Mood and Heightened Libido
Lessened levels of HGH don't just affect our bodies, but our minds as well. In addition to the aforementioned decrease in energy levels, lower hormone levels are associated with mood disorders as well.
By boosting HGH levels, there is reason to believe that Sermorelin therapy can be an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders linked to the effects of aging. And those effects extend to one's libido as well.
HGH isn't the only casualty of aging. Men and women both experience decreased production of testosterone and estrogen s they age. This decrease becomes more severe with age and its effects along with it.
One major way this decline manifests itself is in the loss of libido with age. But restoring HGH to optimal levels has been shown to help reverse this effect.
What's more, many patients have reported an overall increased feeling of general well-being as a result of taking Sermorelin for HGH production. This tendency was reported even in patients who were not affected by mood disorders or loss of libido.
Improved Confidence and Assertiveness
You may have noticed that teens and twenty-somethings have high levels of confidence and assertiveness. Indeed, some of these youngsters will show undesirable signs of recklessness. However, these interesting personality characteristics often progressively decline with age as HGH declines with age. Indeed, HGH declines at a rate of 1% per year after age 30. Therefore, as we age, we lose confidence and assertiveness unless we inject growth hormone or take natural sermorelin to boost our growth hormone output from our pituitary glands. Thus during aging, sermorelin improves confidence in ourselves that we may have left behind in our youth.
So Does Sermorelin Work?
So that all sounds well and good, but now for the moment of truth: does it actually work?
Sermorelin was originally approved by the FDA in 1990, and in the 30 years since there have been a number of inquires made into its efficacy. And the results are promising.
A 2017 study took a look at all the available evidence accumulated over the previous decades. They found that not only did Sermorelin exhibit a broad safety profile but that the existing research supports its validity as an anti-aging agent.
And there's anecdotal evidence further supporting it. It's no accident that Sermorelin is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments on the market.
Using Sermorelin Safely and Responsibly
The evidence that we have appears to answer the question of "does Sermorelin work". Of the available anti-aging techniques, it shows perhaps the most promising.
But as with any relatively new therapy, it is important to check with your regular physician before starting a therapy regimen. They will be able to help you decide if Sermorelin therapy is right for you and to ensure that you use it safely and to its maximum benefit.
To learn more about how sermorelin can help you turn back time, check out our detailed write up on its benefits.

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