Anti-Aging Foods That Will Keep You Feeling Young for Years to Come

Foods that are anti-oxidant rich can help reduce some of the inner and outward signs of aging. Here's what you should eat if you want to keep feeling and being young.


The phrase 'you are what you eat' is no longer an age-old adage your grandmother used to sprout. Research is revealing that it's true! 

A lot of foods and additives found in a standard North American diet can lead to inflammation and disease. Sugar is added to condiments, sauces, and dressings. Even bacon has added sugar!

So it's more important than ever to eat whole foods that can keep you feeling young. We've put together a list of foods that will have you feeling your best and looking your youngest.


Healthy aging starts with a healthy gut. More and more research suggests there are connections between inflammation, pain, and even mental health issues and an unbalanced digestive system. 

Kefir is a great way to combat this issue and rebalance your gut. It's full of probiotics, which are healthy bacteria. Your gut actually needs healthy bacteria in order to function properly. 

Make sure you select kefir that has no added sugar, as sugar can destroy the gut's natural flora. Stir a little whole-grain granola into your kefir in the morning, and your day will be off to a killer start!


Avocados have hit the scene in recent years and are here to stay! Known for their healthy fats, these little fruits are the perfect blend of texture and taste. 

They contain fatty acids that can really help with inflammation in the body. Plus, they're also reported to help keep you protected from the sun! That's no reason to skip the sunblock, but it's an added bonus nonetheless.


Don't underestimate the health benefits of pineapple. Pineapple contains a whole host of vitamins and nutrients, including a lot of vitamin C. 

We all know that vitamin C helps keep you from getting sick. But it can also fight against your chances of developing heart disease.

Pineapples are also good for the eyes and skin. They improve collagen production, making them one of the best foods for skin. 


Nuts are a great source of protein, meaning they'll keep you energized all day long. But remember, not all nuts are made equal. Peanuts, for example, are not actually nuts but legumes.

Legumes contain lectins, which can interfere with some people's ability to digest. They can also cause inflammation within the body.

Stick to walnuts, almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts. They'll help combat internal inflammation and keep you feeling great. 


Seeds, like sunflower and pumpkin, are great for maintaining good bone health. Seeds are a strong source of minerals like magnesium, phosphorous, and iron. 

Women, in particular, need to make sure they're taking steps to keep their bones strong as they age. Incorporating a healthy amount of seeds into your diet can help.


Once the most unpopular part of any salad, spinach has been making a comeback. It's hard to deny the incredible health benefits of spinach.

Spinach is great for the bones and skin. It's full of vitamins A, K, and C, which contribute to a healthy immune system, too. In fact, spinach has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin K out of any other vegetable. 


No list of foods that prevent aging would be complete without blueberries! Known for the antioxidant anthocyanin, blueberries are little disease warriors. They're not a cure by any means. But having a diet high in antioxidants can help lessen the severity of certain illnesses. 

Keep blueberries on your shopping list whenever they're in season. Not only are they immune supporters, but they're a great source of healthy sugars as well.


Want to reverse skin aging? Keep lemons, limes, and oranges in your diet. These water-saturated fruits keep your skin hydrated and help the body produce collagen. 

Cut up an orange to have with breakfast each morning or drop a few lemon slices into your water. Eating citrus regularly will also help your immune system stay healthy and strong.


Broccoli is one of the best anti-aging vegetables out there. It's filled with vitamin K, B vitamins, and as much vitamin C as an orange! With these vitamins in tow, broccoli helps strengthen the collagen in your skin. It also keeps your digestive system healthy.

It'll also keep you feeling young. All those B vitamins will help you stay alert and energized throughout the day.


Kale is an incredible source of vitamin K and vitamin C (do you see a theme here?). They're also full of iron and fiber. Their high-fiber content makes them a great digestive aid.

Additionally, kale contains antioxidants that help rid the body of unhealthy toxins. So when you're tempted to pack a salad full of iceberg lettuce, try switching to kale instead.

Fresh Olives

The keyword here is fresh. Canned or jarred olives will not offer the same health benefits as fresh ones. This is mostly because plants do not maintain their nutrients forever once picked.

Jarred olives usually have their pits removed, too. This strips them of their greatest source of nutrients.   

Olives may be tiny, but they are a fierce source of things called polyphenols. Polyphenols aid digestion and may be able to help you manage your weight. So next time you're prepping a salad, be sure to add in a handful of olives.


Edamame is a soy food. Soy is particularly helpful for women going through menopause. Why? Because it can aid in balancing changing estrogen levels.

Edamame is a small source of healthy fats, which will help keep you energized. It can also prevent loss of bone mass and reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Toss some edamame onto a salad or include it in your next stir fry.

The Secret to Feeling Young: It's What You Eat

Feeling young is much more a matter of what's going on inside than what's showing on the outside. The visual side-effects of aging can be made worse if you have a lot of internal inflammation. Unhealthy skin can also sag and lose its luster.

Knowing how to slow aging should start with knowing what to eat. This list is just a starting point. Once you have your diet in check, try checking out some of our best anti-aging products

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