Exploring Sermorelin Benefits and HGH Restoration

You've done your research and are doing everything right to look and feel young, from logging lifting sessions at the gym to eating a diet tailored to your fitness and anti-aging goals.

But if you're over 40, your hormones are holding you back. Your body isn't producing repair-boosting human growth hormone, or HGH, like it used to, and your muscles, bones, skin and mood are all feeling — and showing — it.

You've reached that challenging time in life known as somatopause.

An age-related decline in HGH is natural, but you don't have to take this hit to your hormones without a fight. You can supplement with Sermorelin, an amino acid chain. Sermorelin benefits include naturally boosting pituitary gland function to increase your HGH.

How Sermorelin Therapy Works

Your pea-sized pituitary gland, which is attached to the center of your brain, packs more power than its small size suggests. It's known as the master gland because it controls other glands that produce hormones. Hormones are chemicals that send vital messages throughout your body and brain.

Your pituitary gland produces HGH, which is a master hormone because it controls other hormones and repair processes. HGH production declines to zero as you age, but there's a solution: Sermorelin, a chain of 29 amino acids (the building blocks of protein).

Sermorelin biologically acts like growth hormone-releasing hormone, which stimulates HGH secretion. In simple terms, Sermorelin works to release the contents of your pituitary gland.

When you supplement with Sermorelin, you are naturally giving your pituitary gland the signal to produce more HGH. And you will feel the difference with increased energy and vitality.

Here are eight Sermorelin benefits that you can enjoy from restoring your HGH to more youthful levels.

  1. Improved Youthful Skin Integrity and Reduced Wrinkles

When your HGH is low, you're more likely to have dry, thin, and loose skin — dermatological hallmarks of aging. Getting older causes skin to lose elasticity, making it more fragile and crepe like. Hormone changes also decrease sebum oil production, so skin becomes dry and wrinkled. Indeed, loss of hormones and essential nutrients cause many of the phenomena we call "aging."

Sermorelin therapy boosts HGH, which tightens and strengthens the skin and restores natural moisture. Supplementing with Sermorelin can even help stave off hair loss and thinning hair, which are other symptoms of low HGH.

  1. Elevated Energy Production

Adults with lower levels of HGH report tiredness, energy loss, exercise intolerance, sensitivity to heat and cold and a reduced sense of wellbeing. They have an increased risk of heart disease, weak heart, high LDL cholesterol and high triglycerides. Scientists report that injecting 0.1 milligrams of HGH daily will boost heart injection fraction by an average of 27%.

By taking Sermorelin to raise your body's HGH, you can have a stronger heart and experience more energy and improved wellbeing.

Because Sermorelin is an amino acid chain, you are also giving your body more amino acids, which are required for energy production.

  1. Better Tissue Distribution

HGH helps your body better metabolize protein, fat and carbohydrates, through both direct and indirect effects.

It stimulates tissues to use protein in ways that benefit your body, including increasing its ability to absorb and incorporate amino acids, which are essential to body tissue repair.

HGH helps your body use fat by helping it break down fats and other lipids. It's been shown to regulate the deposit of lipids in adipose tissue, which is where your body stores fat.

Growth hormone also acts an anti-insulin agent and is one of several hormones that can help keep your blood glucose at optimal levels.

  1. Increased Muscle Mass and Improved Lean Muscle

True to its name, HGH helps bodies grow. As an adult, you aren't going to grow any taller with more HGH, but you can build muscle.

HGH is a body shape influencer. If you have ever wondered why young adults have firm, round and solid muscles, it's because their bodies produce large quantities of HGH and its downstream sister hormone, IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor-1. On the other hand, older adults have low or no HGH which causes more fat mass and less lean body mass. Some older adults even experience insulin resistance and struggle with waist-area weight gain even though they exercise often and limit their food intake. 

In contrast, higher HGH stimulates muscle formation and reduces fat tissue. Sermorelin's muscle-boosting benefits work hand-in-hand with healthy habits you control, including your exercise routine and protein intake.

  1. Stronger Bones

HGH doesn't just help with muscle development and tissue repair — it also helps to grow bones. HGH stimulates the liver and other tissues to secrete a different growth hormone (IGF-1) that impacts cartilage production, which leads to bone growth.

Bones are weaker with lower HGH levels, which are associated with low bone density. In serious cases, low bone density can develop into the condition osteoporosis.

  1. Improved Mood

HGH declines as you get older with the most drastic drop typically during middle age — the same years when biological depression tends to begin.

Your HGH levels can influence your likelihood of developing both anxiety and depression. Low levels are linked with physical depression symptoms, including decreased energy and increased irritability, pain and tiredness. Increasing your HGH can combat the emotional and physical toll mood problems take on your day. This means you will become more resolute in your thinking. 

HGH impacts cognitive function, too. Fifty percent of eighty year olds have impaired cognitive function. Sermorelin therapy can help boost your concentration and memory.

  1. Heightened Sex Drive

If your HGH isn't up to par, you may be struggling with decreased libido and sexual function. Keep in mind that the pituitary gland's master roles include controlling ovaries and testicles, so if your sex drive is low, you may require pituitary support.

You can help ensure your sex glands get youthful hormonal messages by supplementing with Sermorelin.

  1. Sermorelin Benefits Include Looking and Feeling Younger

What do you get when you combine the benefits we've covered, including youthful skin, elevated energy, increased muscle mass, improved mood and heightened sex drive? You feel and look younger, from the inside out.

When you support the master hormone HGH with Sermorelin, you're encouraging overall healthy hormone production and activity throughout your body and brain.

Restore Your HGH to Experience These Anti-Aging Enhancements

Getting older doesn't mean you're trapped in a lifetime of feeling and looking older. You can restore your HGH and experience the many Sermorelin benefits for yourself by adding Sermorelin therapy to your fitness and wellness regimen.

We offer convenient Sermorelin sprays, so you don't need to deal with expensive, inconvenient prescription injections. Our shelf-stable sprays don't require refrigeration.

Choose between our two sprays: SermMax sublingual (under the tongue) or SermMax nasal and enjoy all of the benefits of higher HGH with zero fuss.



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