RelaxinMax helps to relax the body for improved sleep

RelaxinMax contains relaxin, a natural amino acid, that helps to relax the entire body for improved sleep and other biochemical functions needed during the sleep cycle or circadian rhythm. 

In females, relaxin is produced mainly by the corpus luteum, in both pregnant and non-pregnant females; it rises to a peak within approximately 14 days of ovulation,  and then declines in the absence of pregnancy, resulting in menstruation. During the first trimester of pregnancy, levels rise and additional relaxin is produced by the decidua. Relaxin's peak is reached during the 14 weeks of the first trimester and at delivery. It is known to mediate the hemodynamic changes that occur during pregnancy, such as increased cardiac output, increased renal blood flow, and increased arterial compliance. It also relaxes other pelvic ligaments. It is believed to soften the pubic symphysis.  

In males, relaxin enhances motility of sperm in semen.

We offer wholesale 5-bottle package (minimum order) for $250 excl. tax, plus shipping. (Retail value= $499) 6ml bottle, 500IU liquid (60 sprays) for nasal, sublingual or topical application.

Ingredients: distilled water,  homeopathic micro-lipolysed protein relaxin.

The FDA has not evaluated these claims. No claims are made to correct or cure a disease. Problems caused by aging such as memory loss are not considered to be diseases. Instead, they are natural processes encountered during aging. 

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