Progest-max, A 100% natural progesterone gel and not a synthetic progestin.

Progest-max, A 100% natural progesterone gel and not a synthetic progestin.

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Progesterone Prevents Excess Growth of Tissues

 Many times patients have asked me why they need to use progesterone supplements. I often reply that progesterone (Progest-Max) is unique because it prevents excessive growth of tissues. In men, excessive growth causes the prostate to become enlarges. In women, excessive growth causes endometriosis and unwanted growth of vaginal tissues. Interestingly, the prostate cells in male fetuses and vaginal cells in female fetuses are the same cells. Thus, both cells are nearly identical and can cause similar problems later on in life.

 When the body produces excessive amounts of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or estradiol (E2), both cell types become enlarged. In men, this effect is called benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). A similar hyperplasia effect is found in women.

 To curb these adverse effects, it becomes necessary for women to use a special progesterone cream (Progest-Max), 50mg dose, for two weeks only at the end of their menstrual cycles. Men should use about 20 or 30 mg of the cream nightly to avoid BPH and for a better balance of their metabolism. Studies have shown that another significant benefit of progesterone (Progest-Max ) is that it protects the brain from damage caused by blows to the head.

 Progest-Max is completely natural and specially formulated without additives that may cause allergies or adverse side effects. Women especially swear by the gentle effects of Progest-Max compared to other prescription or over-the-counter progesterone creams have caused them irritation of delicate tissues or an allergic response.

Using our patented ‘PRO’ nanotechnology, Progest-Max is micronized for rapid absorption through the skin.

We offer wholesale 1-bottle package (minimum order of Progest-Max for $30 excl. tax, plus shipping. (retail value= $59.00). It comes in an attractive cosmetic 50mg bottle containing 1,700mg of pure and natural progesterone. Please use it only for topical application. Apply topically to the arms.

Quote from N. Marzo regarding Progest-Max : "It goes in very gently and not with a rush as is the case with other progesterone creams that contain a dozen or more additives."

Ingredients: distilled water, hydrogel, micro-lipolysed progesterone. 

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Aging is a completely natural process. Thus, we make no claims to curing a disease which would require a license medical doctor.