OxyLozenge, the Bonding & Love Amino Acid in a Tablet, Wholesale Price: $89 per bottle with a 5 bottle minimum order

OxyLozenge, the Bonding & Love Amino Acid in a Tablet, Wholesale Price: $89 per bottle with a 5 bottle minimum order

$89.99 Sale price


OxyLozenge™, the Bonding & Love Amino Acid in a Tablet

Since the age of the dinasaurs, peptides have been found in all animals as the primary bonding and love agent. Dogs especially bond to one another and to their humans thanks to amino acids in OxyLozenge. However during aging, amino acid levels decline and eventually result in grumpy dogs and even humans. (Think of the movie, “Grumpy Old Man” staring Jack Lemon and Walter Matthou.) OxyLozenge revives the friendliness and lovingness because it is specially produced using nanotechnology for rapid absorption under the tongue or in the nasal cavity or transdermally on the skin. Also, OxyLozenge gives a gentle feeling of well being, improves sleep, and releaves stress. High doses enhance the sexual experience especially orgasm. No preservatives were used in its manufacture.

Discover why many people might need supplement with this amino acid, not only related to orgasms, but also to tender love, attachment, friendliness, passion and many other matters.

Valuable for both patients and physicians willing to:

  • acquire in-depth knowledge on the “smile” amino acid.
  • discover the best methods and products to treat oxytocin deficiency.
  • solve problems that may occur during oxytocin treatment.

OxyLozenge tablet is consumed using two differenct methods: (1) Chew the tablet and allow the residue to remain beneath the tongue for immediate sublingual uptake into the bloodstream. Try not to swallow, or (2) Allow the tablet to slowly dissolve in the mouth for approximately 4.5 minutes for a gradual absorption into the bloodstream. Try not to swallow.

We offer OxyLozenge at a reduced price of 445 US dollars per 5-bottle package (minimum order) excl. tax, plus shipping. Each bottle contains 100 tablets. (Retail value = $649.99). 

Ingredients: natural amino acid extract, manitol, cellulose, steric acid, beet juice color, natural cherry flavor, magnesium stearate, , micro-lipolysed protein neurophysin-- all micronized. 

The FDA has not evaluated these claims. No claims are made to correct or cure a disease. Problems caused by aging are not considered to be diseases. Instead, they are natural processes encountered during aging.