AldoMax spray--Hearing loss corrected with the patented hearing protein, aldopro or aldomax spray. Eliminate crow's feet. $69.50 wholesale, 50% off retail.

AldoMax spray--Hearing loss corrected with the patented hearing protein, aldopro or aldomax spray. Eliminate crow's feet. $69.50 wholesale, 50% off retail.

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Researchers have discovered a hearing breakthrough that does not involve purchasing a hearing aid. With this new treatment, AldoMax, those with hearing loss caused by aging can enjoy increased sound volume and, more importantly, improved word recognition. As a result of their restored hearing and comprehension, those with hearing loss can become more sociable again without the need for hearing aids. Another benefit of this treatment is that those who suffer from the need to urinate frequently suddenly experience improved bladder control. A third benefit is the eradication of some types of dizzy spells that occur when a patient stands up quickly after sitting for a long period of time. A fourth benefit is the elimination of periorbital rhytids or crow’s feet and some other superficial facial wrinkles.        

Patients enjoy all these benefits when they use eardrops that employ a special time-releasing mechanism for the protein aldosterone (AldoMax). The eardrops are used in the morning so that the advanced time-release technology can release the natural aldosterone (AldoMax) slowly and evenly throughout the day, in proximity to the cochlea, the hearing center of the ear.  AldoMax even improves hearing by about 5 or 10 decibels by eliminating wax from the ear canal. Patients are pleased that these eardrops have allowed them to resume their formerly active social lives.

For more detailed information about sensorineural hearing loss and its reversal see the video:

As a result of aging, hormone deficiencies cause needless suffering. Thus, the loss of vital amino acids, peptides, and hormones through shrinking and atrophying endocrine glands can cause hearing loss and numerous other illnesses encountered during aging. One key amino acid that may decline with age is aldosterone (AldoMax). 

Besides hearing lose, other signs and symptoms of deficient aldosterone include:

* Low blood pressure caused also by insufficient sodium chloride salt. 

*Absent minded appearance

*Dizziness when a deficient person stands up suddenly after laying down or sitting in a chair. 

*Lean figure and face

*Dehydration signs that are identified by sharp wrinkles especially on the sides of the eyes (crow's feet). Second, prolonged pinched skin folds when the skin on the back of the hand is pinched. A deficient person requires aldosterone together with sodium chloride salt, clean water, and moderate physical exercise. 

Our patented ‘PRO’ nanotechnology, our advanced version of AldoPro.   It is micronized for rapid absorption through the skin, nasal cavity or under the tongue.

We offer wholesale a 1-bottle package for the low wholesale price of $69.50 free shipping, wholesale, 50% off retail. Each 8ml bottle contains 500IU liquid (60 sprays) for a nasal, sublingual or topical application.

Ingredients: proprietary natural oils,  homeopathic micro-lipolysed protein aldosterone.


The FDA has not evaluated these claims. No claims are made to correct or cure a disease. Problems caused by aging such as hearing loss are not considered to be diseases. Instead, they are natural processes encountered during aging.