We Can Firm Up The Body As We Age

We Can Firm Up The Body As We Age



By the Natural Pro Staff


Human growth hormone (HGH) declines dramatically as we age. It is one third lower in healthy men and women over 55 compared to men and women aged 18 to 25. And guess what? Our mirrors rudely announce the growing flab around our middle while our muscles weaken and decline. Or to put it in more scientific terms: Lower protein and muscle synthesis is caused by a growing HGH deficiency as we age. And this results in an increase in adipose and decrease in muscle mass.  


HGH has caused a media buzz in recent years among athletes and scientists. And who can blame them? The antiaging side effects are a more resolute frame of mind and call to action as well as increased energy and a slimmer body. 


HGH is synthesized in the pituitary gland at the center of our brains. HGH is composed of a chain of 191 amino acids bonded together with two sulfur bridges (symbol: -S-S-). These sulfur bridges are critical to our health and aging. According to two-time Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Linus Pauling, these two sulfur bridges are easily broken by heat, caustic chemicals, and ultraviolet light. In fact, they are the easiest of all chemical bonds to break, and thus, HGH is easy to damage and collapses when the sulfur bridges break. (1) ref. The Nature Of The Chemical Bond and Structure of Molecules and Crystals, Pauling, L. 1945, Cornell University Press). Therefore, we need to keep a steady supply of HGH (SermMax, ReleasingMax) in order to assure firm muscle building (FollistatinMax) and reduced fat-around-the-middle storage. We should trust professor Pauling in keeping our pituitary reserves filled with HGH by supplementing daily with the HGH releasers, SermMax and ReleasingMax.


Several Studies Verify HGH’s Positive Attributes


Dr. M. L. Vance writes in the New England Journal of Medicine, and he warns that long term use of HGH synthetic injections may risk metabolic abnormalities. A better use of these painful injections are when patients have problems with sepsis, renal failure, burn injury, or prolonged surgical recovery where it has shown to be beneficial.  In a further opinion by Dr. Richard I. Sprott of the Institute on Aging in Bethesda, Maryland, he states “Five years ago I never would have guessed that HGH had any effect on aging. Now we can actually use it as a therapeutic intervention.”


Furthermore, Dr. D. Rudman and colleagues studied HGH supplementation in men over sixty, and they found after six months patients had improved lean body mass up to ten percent and adipose tissue decreased by up to 16 percent (2). Rudman stated in the New England Journal Of Medicine “The findings of this study are consistent with the hypothesis that the decrease in lean body mass, the increase in adipose tissue mass, and the thinning of the skin that older men are caused by the reduced activity of HGH-induced IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor one) axis, and can be restored in part by administration of human growth hormone.” No side effects were found although blood sugar levels and blood pressure rose slightly. Thus, elderly people should exercise some caution in using injectable HGH. 


D. Alan Gaby reported in the Townsend Newsletter For Doctors (3) that sermorelin (SermMax) increases alkali reserves, and this effect helps with allergies. I have found that allergic responses such as rhinitis occurs when IGF-1 but not when HGH is supplemented. HGH is an essential key to metabolism and maintenance for muscles especially when follistatin (FollistatinMax) is sprayed sublingually. HGH is also essential for DNA synthesis, cell growth and repair, and it is vital for a properly functioning immune system. 


HGH (SermMax, ReleasingMax) nourishes the brain and nervous system, raises energy, and promotes mental alertness especially when combined with sustained release DHEA (DHEA-Max) and pregnenolone (Pregnenolone-Max). A further lift to a person’s alertness can be achieved by supplementing daily with StaySharp sublingual spray. 


For more optimal sleep, HGH should be consumed at night along with melatonin because the body’s pituitary gland naturally pulses HGH approximately six times during the sleep cycle (4). 


A Winning Formula For Everyone


HGH releasers should also be consumed together with a multivitamin tablet and a nutritious diet: We strongly recommend a Paleo diet combined with sprouted grains and sashimi (raw fish: 120 million Japanese can’t be all wrong). Both men and women should enjoy all the benefits of released HGH such as reshaping your body that includes your middle section and arms. Trimming down in general and building muscle should be goals in order to avoid loss of muscle mass as we age. 


Interestingly, men lose half their muscle mass between ages 35 and 70---especially the heart muscle (4). This loss becomes apparently when half of all 70-year-old men cannot rise from an armchair without using their arms for support ! 


We should try to look better, improve our vitality, and boost our quality of life as we age. We should try to recover the vigor of youth for a healthier and happier life. We certainly can retain the strength of our youth as we age.