The Bonding and Love Hormone



Since the age of the dinasaurs, oxytocin has been found in all animals as the primary bonding and love agent. Dogs especially bond to one another and to their humans thanks to oxytocin (OxyMax™ Spray). However during aging, oxytocin levels decline and eventually result in grumpy dogs and even humans. (Think of the movie, “Grumpy Old Man” staring Jack Lemon and Walter Matthou.)


OxyMax revives the friendliness and lovingness because it is specially produced using patented nanotechnology for rapid absorption under the tongue or in the nasal cavity or transdermally on the skin. Second, OxyMax gives a gentle feeling of well being, improves sleep, and releaves stress. High doses enhance the sexual experience, especially organism. No preservatives were used in its manufacture.


The dosage for small and medium dogs is 10 IU spray in the mouth for sublingual absorption. This dose will last approximately three days before another spray is needed. Upon treatment, a dog will stop biting or snaping and reframe from grumpiness or other undesirable behavior. Other animals of larger size may require double this dose.