Reversing the Aging Face and Body

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Reversing the Aging Face and Body and 

Protecting them with Sublinguals


By the Naturals Pro Staff


Humans grow until their mid-twenties, and then aging and decay start. Aging has nothing to do with quantum physics. Instead, aging has everything to do with damages at the cellular level caused by free radicals, reactive oxygen species, and other phenomena such as hormone deficiencies, poor diet, pollution, and damaged telomeres. Indeed, our endocrine glands slowly deteriorate after our mid-twenties, and subsequently, we lose the ability to repair molecular and cellular damages. When women experience menopause and men andropause in their forties or early fifties, output of needed repair hormones are greatly reduced. During our sixties and seventies, we are running on empty with low levels of hormones and lots of inflammation and free radical damage. Little wonder, then, that we experience a decline in quality of life and an increase in infirmity and die on average in our late seventies or early eighties. We call these ongoing destructive processes “aging.” If you doubt this analysis, please read about star athletes, especially baseball players, who used hormones during the 1990s before hormones became illegal in the sports world. These athletes would normally be over the hill at age 30 and stop competing. Hormones and other essential nutrients allowed star athletes to compete into their forties! I am not suggesting that athletes take hormones; I am simply pointing out that declining endocrine glands and hormones significantly impact aging and our body’s ability to make repairsPlease peruse this slide. It demonstrates that aging is not inevitable. We should engage in biomedical enhancements that improve cognitive function; enable more nimble bodies; augment physical strength and stamina; avoid the frailties of aging; and attain higher quality lives. We should reset physical aging. The goal of regenerative medicine is helping patients to become healthier while retaining a freshness of youth. Indeed, people with a youthful appearance are also healthier. Thus, a physical sign of aging is an indication that something needs to be remedied. Being healthy is directly reflected in the appearance of the body. Physical signs and symptoms of hormone and nutrient deficiencies and excesses are easily recognized. On the other hand, free-radical damage and the resultant inflammation are less obvious. Patients can recover their health and youth. To achieve these goals, I have focused my research on (1) Damages caused by free radicals, namely free radical pathology, and (2) Subsequent repairs by hormones, peptides, and nutrients. For example, slide three shows a photo of my 6 antioxidant-fed (ACF-228) mice at age 36 months. Also shown is the only surviving control mouse that ate standard lab chow. Notice the difference in appearance between the antioxidant-fed mice versus the standard lab chow-fed mouse. Given these results and many others, I am confident that new research into the causes of aging; the reversal of aging; and the enhancement of our appearance, brains, and bodies will help you significantly improve the quality of life for yourself and your patients. 


Hormone and Peptide Correction during Normal Exercise 


A second pulsed hormone of interest is testosterone. The testis and other glands pulse testosterone in a similar manner as described previously. Indeed, both testosterone and HGH pulse in high output when we exercise normally and produce lactic acid. Subsequently, lactic acid induces endocrine gland pulses -- a fact often overlooked by many people. For best effect during exercise, copy nature and consume only physiologic amounts of five combined hormones, namely testosterone, hGH (SermMax and Relaxing-Max), IGF-1, follistatin (Follistatin-Max), and Armour Thyroid. In my opinion, these five perform well, and especially synergistically, during periods of normal exercise. Follistatin prevents break down of muscle tissue. Unlike synthetic drugs, these natural and bio-identical hormones do not act as one trick ponies. That is to say, they work best when synergistically combined with one another for optimal effect. If we are over the age of 50 years and have multiple hormone and peptide deficiencies, we will definitely need one or more extra doses of them when we normally engage in regular exercise. 


---IF WE truly appreciate the pharmacokinetics and half lives of hormones and peptides, it would compel us to copy nature and consume them at least two to three times daily, or alternatively, consume them in time-release capsules or liposomal liquids or gels. For example in men, DHEA deficiencies should be remedied by once daily use of DHEA liposomal gel (DHEA-Max). In contrast, both women and men should avoid consumption of 50mg DHEA takenbolus as advocated by some. This bolus dose has a half-life of only 15 to 38 minutes, and thus, after several hours, a patient may well become deficient again. In men, DHEA blood levels up to an optimal (1) 400 to 800 μg/dl (or DHEA-S 250 to 500 μg/dl) may be achieved by using time-released liposomal gel without appreciable rise in E2 and relatively stable SHBG. A second example is vasopressin (VasoMax) that naturally releases nocturnally from the hypothalamus in three individual peaks. We should try to mimic these nocturnal pulses by supplementing with bio-identical vasopressin (VasoMax) topically or nasally at bedtime. Don’t consume it bolus because its half-life is only 10 to 35 minutes.


A fourth example employs the use of the natural hormone, aldosterone (AldoMax). In deficient patients with hearing loss, I have established clinically that aldosterone enhances hearing by up to 30 decibels in aldosterone-deficient patients. However when taken bolus, aldosterone’s half-life is only 4 hours. A better solution is to apply it in a time-release method (AldoMax), namely topically to the ear canals for 24-hour hearing enhancement.


How Does Natural Vasopressin and parenthetically, even Natural Oxytocin, Intranasally Absorbed through the Nasal-Brain Pathway? 


Natural bioidentical vasopressin (VasoMax)  has been shown to improve memory in 14 clinical trails. Vasopressin can be injected, but the easiest method is to spray 10 to 40 IU intranasally. This dose is physiologic and it supports long- and short-term memory, memory retrieval, and sound REM sleep. Unfortunately, higher doses that are not physiologic may actually cause short-term memory loss. This is because high-dose vasopressin causes a vasoconstrictive response in the blood vessels in the brain, whereas low-dose (homeopathic VasoMax) promotes a vasodialating response.  This vasodialating response definitely enhances REM sleep. Last, I have intentionally overdosed with vasopressin, and the vasoconstrictive effect gave me a severe headache. 


Mother Nature has endowed us with strong endocrine glands, hormones, and stem cells that effectively repair damages, but unfortunately, these glands decline dramatically in output during aging. Thus, to encourage youthful faces and shiny eyes, improve breathing, increased longevity, attain a better quality of life, enhance cognitive function, and augment physical strength and stamina, we should correct hormone and peptide deficiencies and supplement free-radical scavengers using mostly time-release remedies as highlighted in red above.