Living to Over 100 in Exceptional Health

Living to Over 100 in Exceptional Health


Improving Our Health is Easier Than Most People Think


By the NaturalsPro Staff


Americans are living longer and enjoying it. They are pursuing a high quality of life. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), over 72,000 seniors have survived past the age of 100, almost triple the 1990 total, and many of them are surprisingly healthy. Apparently, the trick is to make it past 80 when incidence of cancer drops to one third (1). This means a significant drop in death rates in older seniors. When you live into your nineties, chances are you will be healthy and not dependent on others for care. 


A Harvard University study of centenarians, led by Dr. Margery Silver, found that those who reach 100 usually have no dementia problems----especially men (2). About 80% of the men are healthy and mentally alert. This study was summed up as follows: “Now that we know a substantial number of people can remain robust and healthy through their nineties, at least, that should change our attitude about old age. “It is no longer a cure, but an opportunity.”


Many of the following people reject retirement at 65 and continue working well into their nineties and beyond: Clint Eastwood, Barbara Walters, Harry Belafonte, Mel Brooks, Betty White, Bob Barker, Tony Bennett, Angela Lansbury, Hugh Downs, and Dick Van Dike. 


Years ago, I personally met comedian Dick Van Dike when I attended the wedding of his daughter. He is and was lively and personable, and I was pleased to joke with him about world affairs, especially about Sweden and the Swedish Chef jokes. 

Van Dike danced the night away with his daughter and many friends and family. He savors life each day, driven by an irresistible desire to know what is going on in the world and to be a part of it with humor, jokes, and smiles. Another 72,000 seniors over the age of 90 agree. Many are still working and drawing a paycheck . 


Sociologist Theodore Roszak calls it a longevity revolution. He says that more and more people are growing restless with a life limited to lockdowns, card tables, and the golf course. James Wiggins says the tradition of retirement at 65 is a ridiculous waste of labor and talent. Wiggins will probably never retire because he enjoys his work too much. 


The important lesson for the rest of us is as follows: Those who advance to over 90 years of age and beyond are the people who often avoid hospitals and doctors. When ill, they tend to be optimistic about recovery and not negative and depressed about the future. Furthermore, many rely upon healthy habits such as exercise, nutrition, supplements, interesting work, and advances in slowing and perhaps even reversing some aspects of aging.


Most avoid smoking and watch their weight and exercise. They are often known for their feisty spirits and sense of independence. Author Mobley in his 2016 book If I Live To Be 100: The Wisdom of Centenariansdescribes them as “tried and true individually, tempered, like steel, under the heat and pressure of life over time.”  “Their stories are inspirational, educational, and deeply touching .  .  .  .  .  humor can get us through the worst of times.”


What this means over time is they are highly gifted with exceptional genes. These centenarians and near centenarians have been practicing preventive medicine all their lives. Amazing as it sounds, the majority of them never see a doctor. Therefore, they have avoided doctor-induced diseases, accidents and overmedication that plaque so many of the elderly. 


Those older folks often make it to 100 in spite of, rather than because of, synthetic prescription drugs. These drugs can be life saving, but they can also be life draining. Unfortunately, physicians prescribe more of these drugs to the elderly than any other segment of the population----in spite of the fact that most prescription drugs have not been tested on people over the age of 70 years (1).  During aging, our internal organs shrink approximately 40%, and this causes an inability to detoxify synthetic drugs. Ask any geriatrician, and they will tell you that people living in rest homes can only metabolize some alcoholic drinks such as Mogen David wine and not synthetic drugs. This is because the lab-manipulated chemicals found in drugs abuse the liver and kidneys, and without normal organ cleansing, these organs will eventually shut down. In addition, ask any pharmacist: Negative interactions between several different medications are very common and may lead to death. 


A Finnish study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (3) blamed synthetic drugs for the increase in falls among people over 50 years of age. This study stated that such medications may cause them to lose their balance resulting in life-threatening bone fractures. 


If you are a regular reader of this newsletter, you have the same inclination toward good health habits as these older people. When there is sensible evidence, often called evidence based medicine by knowledgeable physicians, a beneficial and natural nutrient is preferable to a synthetic drug. This is the central philosophy at our company, Naturals Pro. Namely, we also believe in balancing our life stiles with the latest advances in nutrition. 


Grumpy Old Men


By the latest advances I mean a balancing of our lifestyles, nutrients, peptides and hormones. When any of these factors are out-of-balance, we tend to age. If they are severely out of balance, people tend to become negative and grumpy as portrayed in the movies Grumpy Old Men by Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. For example, if men are low in testosterone, hormone replacement therapy will provide them with transdermal testosterone and their anti-social and grumpy manners will subside.


Becoming Sociable Again


 Case in point: All too often women visit their doctors approximately three times as often as their husbands. Their doctors and especially their gynecologists help women alleviate the signs and symptoms of advancing age, especially menopause. These same women will often seek help for their grumpy husbands who have often reached their fifties. These women will state with dismay to their doctors the man they have married is not the same as he was twenty or thirty years ago. At that time, their husbands were sociable and interested in interacting with other people. Today, they sit in front of a television in silence drinking beer and not reaching out to other family members. Knowledgeable women will often cox their husbands into visiting doctors who are willing to treat them for their hormone, peptide, and nutrient deficiencies. They will often prescribe remedies such as bio-identical thyroid, testosterone, DHEA (DHEA-Max), and oxytocin (OxyMax). These four combined with several essential nutrients such as CoQ10, vitamin B12, and NTR (StaySharp) will often turn their lives around and cause them to become sociable human beings again. Bravo. Doctors will also strongly recommend VasoMax for streaming your thoughts and memory. 


The wives of these men will also consume nutrients, peptides, and bio-identical remedies such as Bi-Est (a combination of various bio-identical estrogens) and natural bio-identical progesterone, see ProgestMax. These will carry them successfully through menopause and beyond. They will become healthy and happy without loss of energy (see StaySharp), the wrinkling of their faces (see Multi-Line Eliminator), and the drying up of their skin (see BPC157-Max) and genitals (estriol gel). For detailed information on this subject see also the twenty books written our favorite anti-aging author, former actress Suzanne Somers. 


Ideally, these our important lessons for all of us regardless of our age. Personally, we should follow the examples of these 90-year-olds, and avoid retiring when we reach 65 years of age. We should pursue a high quality of life during the remaining years of our lives. Anti-aging and slowed aging treatments help us in this pursuit because they are based on nutrition, prevention, and health maintenance. 


These are slowly gathering tide and sweeping the nation. Let us ride the crest of the wave together.