Is Beauty More Than Skin Deep?

Beauty Can Be More Than Skin Deep


By the NaturalsPro Staff


For centuries, women have wanted to keep their skin firm, tight, and wrinkle free. That may be why famous beauties throughout history have used all sorts of strange concoctions to “save face.”


In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra applied liquids harvested from alligators in order to keep her face soft and wrinkle free. Napoleon’s Empress Josephine dabbed lemon juice on hers and covered it with clay. Catherine the Great made her anti-wrinkle treatment with a beauty mask of egg white and pulverized deer antler. 


The Body’s Armor For Defense Against Aging


The skin is the largest organ of the body, made up of an outer layer, the epidermis, the “true skin” (the dermis), and a fatty layer (subcutaneous).  Skin surface of the average adult covers about 3,000 square inches and varies in thickness from 0.02 inches (the eye lids) to 0.12 inches. During aging a woman’s vaginal skin changes from approximately 80 layers at age 25 to only 6 layers at age 85. 


Remember the James Bond movie, Goldfinger, wherein a young woman was killed because she had been sprayed all over with metallic paint? It’s important that skin pores be kept open to bring in clean air because oxygen is essential for health of skin cells. 


In addition, skin receives nourishment from the outside environment and helps normalize body temperature. Moreover, when in contact with the sun, skin produces vitamin D3 that is both a vitamin and a hormone essential for proper calcium absorption and cancer prevention by way of membrane stabilization. 


Understanding The Aging Of The Skin


The aging process starts at about age 25 in humans. By age 30, skin degeneration becomes evident, although for sun lovers and surfers, “photo aging” of the skin occurs earlier. This degeneration process can be seen visually with a special infrared instrument that looks inside the epidermis and dermis layers and reveals crosslinking of skin fibers and the peptides, collagen and elastin. 


Crosslinking is caused by photo-chemical reactions set in motion by the alpha and beta rays of the sun at 2,700 and 3,500 nanometers, respectively. When this solar radiation reacts in the skin, it becomes cross-linked, rigid, and inelastic, and moisture levels drop dramatically. Cross-linked wrinkles form grooves in the skin’s surface through the collapse and loss of elasticity of the underlying tissue. 


An exception to crosslinking occurs in the case of hormone, peptide, and nutrient deficiencies. These cause crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes (an aldosterone deficiency corrected by topical application of AldoMax). An estradiol deficiency in women or a testosterone deficiency in men causes vertical lines on the upper lip to appear usually during advanced aging. 


These crosslinking and degenerative processes are accelerated by the gradual thinning of the skin layers that contain collagen and elastin. By age 75, skin thickness may have decreased by 50 to 70 percent on exterior skin and by 90 percent on interior skin. The skin organ truly reveals the inner health of an individual. That is to say, loose, sagging and aging skin is indicative of physical deterioration and psychological well-being. 


Do you remember the book by Oscar Wilde about the story of Dorian Grey?  In a Faustian bargain, the antihero Dorian leads a dissolute life of selfish pleasure without aging----zero aging----while his oil portrait, hidden away in a secret room, grows every day more wrinkled and corrupt until one day it is revealed in all its horror. This was Dorian Grey’s lifeline as expressed in changes in an oil painting.


I have found that premature skin aging can be delayed and skin can even be revitalized with a better diet and proper administration of nutrients. With improved diet and nutrients, wrinkles stay about normal for a person’s age. Which is to say, they multiply more slowly. But skin remains dry and lacking in elastic tone. Makeup doesn’t do much anymore. Face lift? No thanks, many people say. Even if a person can afford it, there’s an unnatural tight look that develops after a while. 


What Happens Over The Years And What To Do About It


What happens over the years to produce the desert/badlands landscape on our forehead and cheeks? Most people will say it’s a matter of gravity and weather. I say it’s a progressive loss of peptides, nutrients, and hormones that causes most wrinkling. Here are some concrete examples: 


1.   An aldosterone lotion (AldoMax) applied daily will vanish periorbital rhytids (crow’s feet) within 12 to 24 hours.

2.   When women apply bioidentical estradiol cream to their upper lips, it will cause vertical lines to disappear within weeks if the lines are not too deep.

3.   Human skin is often damaged by the loss of collagen by the enzyme collagenase. By supplementing several tablets of collagen daily, your indigenous collagenase will react chemically with the supplemented collagen and not the collagen in your face.

4.   Consuming the peptide, Sermorelin (SermMax) daily helps to induce the pituitary gland to pulse human growth hormone or HGH. HGH helps to build muscle mass and tighten skin when used daily combined with a healthy diet and exercise. 

5.   When Maxi-Line Eliminator lotion is applied to forehead and other areas with thin facial wrinkles, fine lines become flattened and eliminated in approximately ten minutes. The resulting relaxed skin will feel smooth as velvet after a ten-minute application. Guaranteed. This is a viable alternative to expensive and painful Botox™ injections.


Slow and reverse some of the causes of aging in the face. is here to help.