Improve Wound Healing, Exercise Endurance, and Muscle Growth

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As we age, our body's thymus gland shrinks, and we lose the immunity benefits from a healthy, vibrant, and youthful thymus. Using thymosin beta4 benefits wound healing, inflammation, endurance, strength, and blood vessel regeneration. ThyBeta4-Max (thymosin Beta4) replaces those lost thymus amino acids with a simple, once daily, homeopathic spray of 10 IU thymosin Beta-4 amino acid extract. This variety of thymus extract also helps to restore and maintain healthy skin when combined with a daily multiple vitamins. Other known benefits include:


--Improved healing of wounds

--Reduced inflammation caused by chronic pain

--Improved endurance during exercise

--Increased strength and stamina through muscle growth

--Increased hair growth

--blood vessel and organ regeneration


For more medical information, log on below. Skip ahead to 18 minutes and hear a prominent European medical doctor explain the immunity benefits of thymosin alpha one, DHEA, cortisol and thyroid hormones. According to this medical doctor, thymosin Beta 4 or ThyBeta4-Max™ improves immunity by a resounding 68% !


We offer ThyBeta4-Max at a reduced wholesale price of 59.50 US dollars per 1-bottle package including tax and shipping. (retail value = $89.00). 8ml bottle, 500IU liquid (60 sprays) for nasal, sublingual or topical application. The sublingual spray seems to work best in small pets. Apply nasally for best effect. If used under the tongue, half the dose is swallowed.