French Discover Methods for Improving Skin

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French Discover Methods for Improving Skin


The NaturalsPro Staff


Sequestered in the lovely hills of Provence, France, is the idyllic town of Gras. French scientists and perfumeiers (perfume scientists) from Gras have, for centuries, studied perfumes and herbs that could improve our sense of smell and our skin. Upon visiting the Gras countryside, we are overwhelmed by the abundance of floral aromas emanating from all directions of fields filled with roses, lilacs, and lilies. The French harvest those delightful flowers and herbs by the truckload and have their essences extracted by steam distillation at Gras research centers and factories. Famous postimpressionist  painters such as Picasso, Matisse, and Van Gogh delighted in abstractly painting the enchanting fields and factories. 


And If you think  dogs have a strong sense of smell, consider that experienced French perfumeiers from Gras, using only their ordinary human noses, can detect no less than 750 individual aromas used in the art of blending and mixing perfumes and skin lotions.


You might wonder why thousands of variations of perfumes and skin lotions were developed to aid people in their quest for better skin and improved overall body aroma . The scientific answer involves elementary chemistry: After age forty, our skin emits tiny nanogram amounts of a smelly oil called nonenal that is unpleasant to inhale. Nonenal is an aldehyde related to formaldehyde, an embalming fluid. Another disgusting aldehyde is acetaldehyde that emits a pungent and nasty smell. It is easily detected when in the same room with a sleeping person who has consumed excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages.


Invented Perfumes and Lotions


Thus, perfumes and skin lotions were invented to hide aldehyde smells that occur as a result of aging and dysbiosis. Nonenal is especially noticeable if you ever visit a nursing home where nonenal is referred to as “old-people smell.” Fortunately, the French have understood such problems for centuries and invented countermeasures in Gras—vive la France!


Remarkable Skin Solutions


True to their national spirit of excellence, French perfumeiers and scientists have developed a line of remarkable skin solutions that work much of their magic at night while people sleep. Those skin solutions bring out the glamour and youth in us, regardless of our age. And researchers have now made their topical lotions available to people in North America. 


The introduction of those lotions is a blessing to all people who are concerned about the smell and appearance of their skin. Age takes an awful toll on the skin by ridding it of dead cells and replacing them with new ones—a process called exfoliation. Interestingly, natural exfoliation takes approximately ten hours for the average sixteen-year-old girl, but it can take weeks—or even months—for more mature women. As explained in other articles on this website,, sermorelin (SermMax) can help mature women speed their metabolism and replace exfoliating skin cells faster. 


A dramatic example of slow exfoliation is the skin’s loss of vital collagen, elastin, and natural oils. The result is an increase in fine lines and skin cracks appearing below the skin’s surface. Additionally, beneath the outer skin layer (epidermis), our skin develops damaged collagen and elastin, causing skin to lose its texture and change its color. Those effects are mostly hormonal changes, but collagen loss is caused by the overly active enzyme collagenase. To counter the negative effects of collagenase, we recommend supplementing twice daily with collagen and hyaluronic acid tablets, and use our MultiLine Eliminator lotion.


Skin color and texture also can change adversely in people with adrenal problems. For example, dark circles around sunken eye sockets are often a symptom of DHEA (DHEA-Max) deficiency. Ask your doctor to measure you for DHEA deficiency and correct it by supplementing. Also, periorbital rhytids (crow’s feet) can be flattened with aldosterone lotion (AldoMax) if a person is deficient in this adrenal substance. And fine lines on the forehead can be flattened with HGH treatment (SermMaxReleasingMax). 


Interestingly, a dermatologist often will treat a sagging face with a half lower face-lift and collagen fillers such Restylane™ and Perlane™. Yet again, some of the sagging caused by collagen loss can be partially corrected by supplementing daily with collagen and hyaluronic acid tablets. 


In the case of a sagging jawline and neck, uplifting, flattening, and firming can be achieved naturally by supplementing with prescription thyroid medications and injecting into the jawline prescription growth hormone. Those latter two prescription hormones raise metabolism and tighten and thicken the skin of the neck and lower face. In addition, they help uplift and flatten the jawline. (Historically, aging men would hide their sagging jawlines and necks by growing beards.) Last, if you follow these suggestions, turkey neck should become a thing of the past. 


And guess what? You don’t have to travel to France to obtain these treatments. We strongly recommend a knowledgeable and licensed American physician  who understands the above treatments.