California Is at the Forefront of Why We Age and What We Can Do about It

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California Is at the Forefront of Why We Age and What We Can Do about It


During the last ten years, it’s become technically possible to biohack” the body and perhaps marginally slow the relentless and ongoing process of aging. This biohacking technology uses the best of infrared therapy, cryotherapy (–120° C freezing), and bone-density enhancement. To achieve these goals, Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica and Upgrade Labs in Beverly Hills offer these services to a well-heeled clientele. Upgrade Labs claims to use advanced biohack fitness gyms for the elite 1% of California society. I say “1%” because the other 99% of Californians cannot afford their elite services. But, hey, money talks, and who says how the rich can spend their money? 


When these elite one-percenters meet their biohack-fitness trainers, they start with a body composition and cellular health analysis. This allows them to custom-design different therapies. For example, their red and infrared LED light therapies help improve circulation and immunity, stimulate collagen production, and decrease inflammation. 


For those who cannot afford this therapy, I suggest a cheaper alternative. Try buying a $200 infrared lamp or consuming three or four collagen tablets daily (Neocell Super Collagen + C) to counter the body’s daily loss of collagen. Our body’s collagen is destroyed daily by the enzyme collagenase, and this causes our cheeks and necks to deflate and sink downward. This deflation will ultimately cause deep wrinkles because our body’s collagenase eats away at our facial collagen. 


A second cause of deep wrinkles at the sides of our eyes is called “periorbital rhytids,” or the more popular expression, “crow’s feet.” Of course, this disfigurement during aging has nothing to do with birds and everything to do with a lack of the hormone aldosterone. At we supply aldosterone in an oil spray called AldoSpray. AldoSpray can be applied topically to your crow’s feet or sprayed in your ear canals if you also happen to be suffering from some types of hearing loss. When used topically, AldoSpray should help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet after about a month or two of use, assuming your crow’s feet are not deeply established. 


Third, a cheaper method to improve immunity can be with the daily sublingual use of Thymosin-Max.


Fourth, inflammation can be decreased by switching to an anti-inflammatory diet composed of whole Paleo or raw foods and avoiding fast foods such as junk burgers and transfat French fries. Inflammation can be further abated by consuming daily curcumin and boswellia (600mg twice daily). These steps are truly holistic and completely natural. Avoiding inflammation and strengthening the immune system are truly antiaging methods suitable for 21st-century healthy living.


A fifth example uses high-intensity interval training, or HIIT. This method advocates intense anaerobic exercise instead of free-radical inducing exercises such as aerobic running, jogging, or heavy-duty weight lifting. An anaerobic workout will typically consist of spending only a few minutes with weight lifting or on the treadmill without becoming winded. Becoming winded converts ordinary oxygen into damaging radicals such as the superoxide anion radical (symbol O2*−). Becoming winded results in a massive cascade of poisonous free radicals, according to doctors Fridovich and McCord. The body has limited defenses against this radical. Even the powerful radical enzyme superoxide dismutase cannot diffuse cascading free radicals when a person engages in very heavy aerobic exercise. An example of this incredible free-radical cascading effect is found in the case of the sudden deaths (Sudden Death Syndrome) of runners who are otherwise healthy when not engaged in heavily winded aerobics. A cheap solution to this problem is to consume during sports the patented anti-oxidant product ACF228 or another worthy product called Megahydrate. 


When we don’t become winded during exercise, we accumulate lactic acid. This slows us down, but the lactic acid is eventually excreted in our urine. Thus, we need to drink lots of water to facilitate rapid waste elimination and prevent dehydration. (Indeed, half of all people over the age of 60 are dehydrated, and many are unaware of their problem!) 


The expensive alternative is to attend Upgrade Labs in Beverly Hills, where, for thousands of dollars, they will fit you with special compression cuffs and cooling pads. These devices are cooled briefly to –120° C. This dramatic temperature drop helps reboot metabolism. This method is also being pursued by NASA in their planned explorations of Mars. Thus, if you have the money to explore Mars, you should also have the money to try an ultra-freeze down to –120° C for a few minutes. It doesn’t hurt, and it’s quite invigorating. 


A cheaper solution for adjusting metabolism is to correct your thyroid deficiencies by consuming natural thyroid daily or spraying beneath your tongue sermorelin (Sermorelin-Max or Releasing-Max).  These alter metabolism by increasing body temperature and burning fat when combined with light exercise. This fat-burning process is especially apparent along the jaw line and under the chin; however, it does not work well when we eat transfats that are often found in French fries and other deep-fried foods. 


Whether you are wealthy or on a tight budget, these remedies will help you marginally slow the insidious process of aging and live longer with a better quality of life. 



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