Attaining A More Youthful Body

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Attaining A More Youthful Body



by Dr. Leroy Perry


Nearly 500 years ago, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León sailed around the Florida coast, searching for waters that could make on young forever. He was one of the many trying to find the legendary ”fountain of youth.” Today, modern medical ”explorers” still search for the secret to a longer, healthier life.


However, instead of exploring remote lands, today’s researchers have shifted their attention to the inner core of the human body itself. More and more scientists and anti-aging researchers are coming to the conclusion that the key to unlocking the secrets of anti-aging is in our hormones and peptides, and they have come across powerful secretions that show this to be the case. 


Through their comprehensive research, modern scientists now understand how and why we age. More importantly, they have found how to turn back the hands of time to add virtually decades to our lives with fewer health problems and more energy than were ever thought possible. They’re uncovered the substances that stimulate the production of a powerful ”youth hormone” that, in the near future, will permanently change how we age. 


Before I delve more into this spell-binding discovery, however, I’d like to touch on the nature of aging.  As we age, everything decreases in size: body mass, bone density, brain, heart, and other key internal organs. According to molecular oncologist Grace Wong, Ph.D., these effects of aging are caused by a cell-by-cell breakdown within the body. 


Cells die and break down in two ways. One is called apoptosis, or preprogrammed cell death. Each cell has an ”inner clock” that tells it when to die. Different types of our 100 trillion cells last for different lengths of time, and the increasing death of cells signifies the beginning of serious health problems and the loss of functions such as memory, energy, and physical strength


The other form of cell death occurs when proteins inside cells, as well as the DNA and RNA that form these proteins, stop functioning before their preprogrammed time to die. Because the entire body-----skin, hair, bones, and muscles----is made of proteins, these dying cells cause it to deteriorate (Klatz 2018).


Natural Shield Against Aging


The New England Journal of Medicine published the starling findings of Dr. Daniel Rudman, who conducted anti-aging research at the Medical College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with volunteers ages 61 to 81. He wrote, ”We . . . . now know the cause of age-related undesirable changes in body composition and in physiologic functions.”


His pioneering efforts showed that a powerful, nonsexual hormone called human growth hormone (hGH) not only halts the aging process but also can reverse it. His research clearly shows that increasing hGH levels in adults can reverse the aging process by 10 to 20 years. 


Prior to Dr. Rudman’s discovery, scientists already were well aware that hGH and other key peptides play a crucial role in proper growth throughout childhood and adolescence. In these formative years, hGH (SermMax), IGF-1 (ReleasingMax), and follistatin (Follistatin-Maxhelp to increase amino acid transport, protein synthesis, and muscle and bone strength. They also regulate growth and tissue repair throughout the body. 


However, as we age, our hGH, IGF-1, peptide, and amino-acid levels decline significantly in a process called ”somatopause.” Their production, especially hGH, drops by a staggering 80% or more between the ages of 21 and 61. By age 40, we are especially hGH deficient by a resounding 50%! In more mature people, hGH sometimes can’t even be detected (Lippman 2016).


American endocrinologist Dr. John Henrickson calls hGH the ”medicine of the future.” He insists that it’s unnecessary for people to age, ”have a lesser quality of life, and die prematurely when they could be on hormonal, peptide, and amino acid treatment.” (Klatz 2018)


Profound Benefits of hGH


Dr. Grace Wong discovered that hGH acts directly on the destructive enzymes known as proteases by activating ”protease inhibitors” within cells. This cellular defense inhibits protease from destroying cell protein. 


Many laboratory experiments have confirmed Dr. Wong’s findings. In one experiment, animals were given a 98% oxygen mixture that produced so much protease that death was certain. However, the animals were then given hGH, and all survived. Dr. Wong concluded that protease inhibitors can slow, stop, or reverse the aging process when one maintains youthful hGH levels (Klatz 2018).


Lose Weight and Enhance Sexual Vitality

In young adults, muscle constitutes 30% of body mass; adipose tissue (excess abdominal fat) accounts for 20%. In older adults, muscle mass drops by half, constituting only 15% of body mass, and adipose tissue balloons to 40% (Wolfe 2008). Research shows that hGH and IGF-1 can boost lean tissue mass and diminish fat mass without dieting or exercise. Dr. Rudman’s study on the power of hGH and IGF-1 showed that his participants experienced a 14.4% drop in adipose mass and an 8.8% increase in muscle mass. Other studies showed that sexual vitality also increase when using hGH and IGF-1 stimulants called secretagogues (ReleasingMax and SermMax).


Revolutionary Delivery System

Injections of hGH and IGF-1 are costly and required numerous doctor visits. Keenly aware of these obstacles to the fountain of youth that only the rich could afford, scientists discovered a way to increase hGH and IGF-1 NATURALLY without drugs, injections, or worrisome side effects. 


They concluded that hGH and IGF-1 deficiencies are caused by a reduced amount of secretagogues as we age. These are naturally occurring, biologically active peptides and amino acids that attach themselves to the pituitary gland, thus assisting in the release of hGH into the bloodstream in the same slow, natural way as was done in one’s younger years. When hGH is released by secretagogues, ReleasingMax and SermMaxthe liver will, in turn, release IGF-1, a vital repair peptide essential to reversing aging and repairing our bodies.


Armed with this knowledge, researchers went one step further: They developed a new delivery system called a liposome spray. This easy-to-use spray is much more convenient than a pill or an injection. It bypasses the digestive system and is not diluted or destroyed by stomach acids; each liposome is carried directly into the bloodstream. The liposomes travel throughout the body and literally grab and hold onto various cell receptors involved in the production of hGH and IGF-1.


The Health and Energy of Youth

By maintaining a balanced diet, exercising moderately and supplementing with hGH, you can restore the health and energy of your youth, no matter how old you are. You will feel that you’ve been given 10 or 20 precious years of your life back. is committed to the future when the best is yet to come.