Attain a More Resolute Brain and a Slimmer, Trimmer Body

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Attain a More Resolute Brain and a Slimmer, Trimmer Body



If you have ever wondered how teenagers and twenty-somethings can party all night and go to work the following day without apparent exhaustion, then you have found the answer here: this age group has extremely high levels of HGH (or human growth hormone) in their bloodstreams that convert to extremely high levels of the peptide IGF-1 (or insulin-like growth factor one at 300 ng/dl) in their livers. A combination of these two energy peptides powers their brains and bodies around the clock even if they miss many hours of sleep by partying all night (1).  


HGH, Tight Buttocks, and Aging


In recent decades, HGH has caused some excitement among researchers and athletes because it is the golden key to lean and well-muscled bodies. If you have ever marveled at the tight chests, arms, and buttocks of young people, they are the result of high levels of HGH in their blood. Unfortunately, however, HGH declines rapidly as we approach fifty years of age, and our bodies succumb to flab and inactivity (1). Even in dogs, large pituitary glands and excellent HGH production allow small dogs to live to fifteen to seventeen years. Conversely, large dogs with inferior pituitary glands relative to their weight manage to live an average of only seven to eleven years (2). Interestingly, the beautiful and gracious Great Dane becomes gray at four and dies on average at seven years of age because of an inferior pituitary gland and low levels of HGH relative to their body weight. A great pity.


As a result of declining HGH during aging, our mirrors rudely announce to us our diminishing health and flabby bodies, especially around our midsections. People often attribute this unwelcome sight to gravity, but that is a myth. Gravity has little to do with our sagging faces, wrinkled foreheads, and loose skin as we age. Instead, our lack of firmness is directly attributable to increasingly lower concentrations of HGH from our pituitary glands and related decreases in its sister peptide, IGF-1. And guess what? Alcohol and environmental toxins add to this burden by slowing and incapacitating many of our vital glands, especially our pituitary glands. 


HGH is a peptide produced by the pituitary gland, which is in the center of the brain. It comprises a long peptide chain of 191 amino acids linked together with several sulfur bonds. It is both an essential and vital peptide because it is the master key for inducing the body to repair and energize itself when combined with a protein-rich diet and daily exercise. 


Case Studies


At age sixty, Dr. John Hendrickson wanted a leaner body and a faster-reacting brain. He volunteered for a study in which he would inject himself twice weekly with HGH. After approximately three months, he started noticing the changes. His flabby muscles became firmer, and his fat started to melt away. He stated he felt more resolute in his decisions and actions---—much like he did in his teens and twenties. Indeed, HGH is called the resolution hormone because you feel more self-assured and resolute in your thinking. With his white flowing hair, Henrickson said he felt stronger mentally and physically than during at any time in his entire life. 


At age fifty-eight, Walter Blaine became angry with himself when his health declined because of rapid aging. His wrinkles were increasing, and he no longer had the energy to complete a day’s work with the same gusto he had felt when he was younger. He now needed additional energy to complete his job and play with his grandchildren in his free time. He decided to try HGH injections, and he immediately noticed firmer skin. These injections begin to tighten his skin within minutes after his first injection. In particular, after injecting along the edge of his jawline, he noticed in the mirror how his jawline was straightening and flattening to a sharp angle. His hanging jowls were vanishing. A sharpened jawline indicates a very masculine jawline that is usually seen only in top athletes who exercise daily and have high natural high levels of HGH. See photo. When questioned about his new turn in life, he said that he is happy mentally and physically, and he wants to remain as young as possible and make love to his wife. 


HGH History


Before the early 1980s, pituitary-derived HGH was only available from animal and human sources, and it was used exclusively to help children grow taller. Then in 1983, Genentech in Silicon Valley developed a laboratory version of natural HGH comprising 191 amino acids linked in a chain and bound together with sulfur bridges. Genentech started manufacturing a recombinant peptide version in Stockholm, Sweden. This version used recombinant DNA technology to produce this natural peptide chain. Two large pharmaceutical companies control this HGH version; thus, it is expensive to use on a regular basis. Indeed, a patient could easily pay $1,000 a month compared with $10,000 a month thirty years ago. 


Advanced Research


Starting in the early 1990s, Dr. Rudman and his investigators studied men over the age of sixty who took HGH injections. They found that after six months of use, lean body mass increased by 10 percent, and adipose tissue decreased by up to 16 percent (3). Rudman and colleagues were quoted in a prominent New England Journal of Medicine article: “The findings of this study are consistent with the hypothesis that the decrease in lean body mass, the increase in adipose tissue mass, and the thinning of the skin that occur in older men are caused by the reduced activity of the growth hormone-IGF-1 axis, and can be restored in part by the administration of human growth hormone” (3). Rudman remarked that the benefits of HGH are obvious because the atrophy of the skin and muscles adds to the frailty of older people. Rudman did not find side effects with the exception of slight increases in blood sugar and blood pressure. Thus, older people should observe a bit of caution and only start an HGH injection program under the supervision of a licensed and knowledgeable medical doctor. 


Furthermore, Dr. M.L. Vance wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine (4) that HGH therapy is especially valuable in patients with renal failure, sepsis, and burn injuries. Dr. Richard Sprott of the Institute on Aging in Bethesda, Maryland stated that “now we can actually use it as a therapeutic intervention” (5).


Winning Formulas Available Today


In Florida, Professor Richard Walker, MD, PhD, has found a better method of HGH therapy without painful and expensive injections. He has extensively tested an amino acid chain called sermorelin (SermMax) and found that it will induce the pituitary gland to release HGH in the natural way that Mother Nature intended (6). A person merely needs to spray sermorelin under the tongue and not swallow for five to ten minutes, and the dose will absorb sublingually into the bloodstream. The bloodstream will carry it to the pituitary gland and cause the release of accumulated HGH. Walker stated emphatically that in humans, sermorelin helps to release the accumulated contents of the pituitary gland. This is important to everyone over the age of forty because low amounts of amino acids in the bloodstream negatively affect health and longevity. Sermorelin does not act as an agonist to the body; instead, it acts as a pituitary releasing agent. A second releaser, GHRP2, is the analog from ghrelin, a known and significant hormone that increases hunger slightly in humans. A third releaser, GHRP6 (ReleasingMax), is yet another natural amino acid chain that also appears to enhance pituitary output, especially in body builders. 


These releasing amino acids have accomplished something positive with regard to an unwelcome sight greeting you in the mirror in the morning. These pituitary-releasing substances are safe, natural, and inexpensive; and they do not require painful injections. 


And women, this is for you too. Why should the men enjoy all the advantages of increased HGH levels? There is no need to go on hiding your upper arms behind longer sleeves and buying clothes based on how they conceal your expanding waistline. These amino acids will encourage your body to reshape itself as well as move in the direction of improved health and happiness. As we lose fat and trim muscles, we not only look better but also attain more vitality and strength. Our quality of life improves, and our thinking becomes more resolute. 


These amino acid releasers do not need to be injected. Both SermMax and ReleasingMax can be sprayed intranasally (in the nose), sublingually (under the tongue), or even topically (on the skin for absorption). Some people use several of them simultaneously for a further synergetic and enhanced effect. They will offer the following benefits:


* Improved muscle building and prevention of tearing down of existing muscle mass 

* Enhanced athletic performance and more resolute thinking and actions 

* Increased post-workout energy when all three are used together 

* SermMax, ReleasingMax, and FollistatinMax are the world's most advanced bodybuilding products made and distributed in Sweden and Canada, not from China and India. 


SermMax and ReleasingMax are available wholesale at $29.50 each (FollistatinMax for $89) in 8ml bottles with free shipping on orders over $30 (Europe is extra). Each bottle contains 10 IU pure Sermorelin or GHRP6 per spray. Each bottle contains 500IU liquid (sixty sprays) for nasal useFor best effect, use nasally. If used under the tongue, half the dose may be swallowed, thus reducing the benefits.





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