Remarkable Benefits of the Nutrient Relaxin

If you think back to your science and biology classes in school, you probably learned about the various body systems from your bones to your blood vessels. Most people, though, learn little about the unsung heroes of the body: hormones.

You have dozens of  nutrients and hormones flowing through your body at any given time. Each has its part to play in keeping you healthy. When something is off-balance, it can wreak real havoc on your body.

Relaxin is one of those crucial nutrients you need to know about. Read on to learn all about it.

What Is Relaxin?

Relaxin is a nutrient that is naturally produced in every person's body. Interestingly, though, men's bodies and women's bodies produce relaxin in different ways.

Inside each of a woman's ovaries, she has a cluster of cells called a corpus luteum. This cluster produces a variety of reproductive nutrients and hormones, and that includes relaxin. When a woman is pregnant, the uterine lining and the placenta join in and produce relaxin, too.

Men don't have ovaries but they still need relaxin. That's why the prostate gland produces relaxin.

Key Functions of the Relaxin

Relaxin is a serious worker bee in your body. It serves a variety of functions for different body systems. The overall theme is that relaxin, true to its name, relaxes a variety of tissues throughout your body.

Maintaining Organ Health

We all know our bodies encounter different health challenges as we get older. Relaxin may not be a miracle-worker, but it combats one type of aging: tissue fibrosis.

In tissue fibrosis, your body forms new fibrous connective tissue within various organs. That connective tissue and scar tissue restricts the organs and limits their function. It can lead to serious health complications as it progresses.

Relaxin, however, keeps tissue fibrosis to a minimum so your body stays younger and more efficient.

Reproductive Functions in Women

The most well-documented effect of relaxin is the impact it has on women's reproductive functions.

During ovulation, relaxin relaxes a woman's uterine wall. This makes it easier for fertilized eggs to implant in the wall so a healthy pregnancy can begin.

If a woman gets pregnant, relaxin becomes even more of a key player. In the early stages, this hormone assists with smoother egg implantation while helping the placenta develop. Throughout the pregnancy, relaxin also prevents unnecessary contractions in the uterus to avoid early delivery.

When the time for childbirth is near, relaxin has more work to do. It relaxes the ligaments in the pelvis, allowing it to stretch and flex as needed during the delivery.

Reproductive Functions in Men

Most relaxin research has focused on its work in a woman's reproductive system. We know that it also participants in men's role in the reproductive process, though.

While researchers don't know all the details, they believe relaxin improves sperm motility to increase the chances for conception.

Managing Blood Pressure

There's a reason why your blood pressure is one of the key measurements doctors take at every visit: because it's a vital part of your overall health.

In the US, around one-third of people have high blood pressure. The condition hardens your arteries and may put you at risk.

Relaxin can help. This nutrient naturally relaxes the blood vessels throughout your body, lowering your likelihood of high blood pressure.

Wound Healing

Accidents and injuries happen, no matter how careful you are. When they occur, your body's wound healing ability can determine when an injury is a brief setback or a life-threatening problem.

The more quickly a wound heals, the lower your chances are for getting a serious infection.

Relaxin helps your body heal wounds in a smoother, more efficient way. It's especially helpful with keeping your scar tissue to a minimum. Because scar tissue is tough and rigid, too much of it can hinder different functions throughout your body.

Limiting Inflammation

Inflammation is one of those buzz words you hear everywhere in healthcare today, and for good reason. Research continues to find a variety of health conditions that inflammation either causes or contributes to.

Fortunately, your body is equipped with anti-inflammatory tools, and relaxin is one of them.

Promoting Healthy Sleep

Sleep doesn't get its due respect when it comes to keeping you healthy. It's essential for repairing your body after all the work it does throughout each day. As many of us know, though, sound sleep isn't always as easy as it sounds.

Relaxin, however, can help. When used in the evening before bedtime, it relaxes a variety of tissues throughout the body while reducing inflammation and tension. This helps you feel more comfortable so you can get more of the sleep your health requires.

Can a Relaxin Supplement Help You?

Knowing all the powers relaxin holds to support your health, it stands to reason that a relaxin supplement can help you.

Most notably, a relaxin supplement can help you sleep more easily and more productively.

However, it's not advised that you take relaxin supplements while you're pregnant because researchers are still studying the potential side effects for pregnancies.

How to Experience the Power of Relaxin for Yourself

Relaxin is one of those important nutrients that have several vital jobs throughout your body. From reproduction to organ health to sleep and more, it's a crucial part of the ecosystem that keeps your body running.

The word "part" is important, though. There are many nutrients, hormones, and natural substances that combine to give you optimal, long-lasting health.

If you want to keep your organs young and enjoy the snooze-worthy effects of relaxin, shop our relaxin supplements and other unique supplement products today. 



The FDA has not evaluated these claims. No claims are made to correct or cure a disease. Problems caused by aging are not considered to be diseases. Instead, they are natural processes encountered during aging. 


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