Advantages of Sermorelin and Other Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides for You and Your Patients


Dr. Richard Walker and His Work with Extended Life Span

After 20 years of research, he substantiated the proposition that in aging humans, the pituitary gland could be awakened from its slumber with the help of certain specific peptides (2). One such peptide is called sermorelin. Others are called GHRP-2 and GHRP-6. (GHRP stands for growth hormone-releasing peptide.) All three of these marvelous peptides encourage the natural release of human growth hormone from the pituitary. This process encourages repair throughout the body and brain—and increased repair means extended lifespan.

Experimental Endocrinology

I completed a series of experiments with sermorelin and GHRP-6 (ReleasingMax) with the help of my colleagues, doctors Russell Laudon and John Henrickson, Jr. In preliminary experiments, I established a mean average baseline of 67 ng/ml of insulin growth factor one (IGF-1) in seniors who had an average age of 65 years. This baseline was consistent with people who are over the age of 50, and whom we often call seniors.

Subsequently, every day for 30 days, I used sermorelin nasal or sublingual spray or SermMax twice daily on the cohort group. After four hours of application, IGF-1 increased to a mean average of 177 ng/ml. This was a significant improvement over baseline. However, please keep in mind that a normal 20-something male produces a baseline between 300 and 350 ng/ml (3). Thus, the 177 average was about half that of young males.

Females produced similar values although the baseline is lower.

Apparently, sermorelin helped to boost aging subjects’ IGF-1 only halfway to the exalted baseline of young males. A similar increase was achieved when GHRP-6 was sprayed sublingually or nasally (ReleasingMax). ReleasingMax induces the pituitary to release its supply of human growth hormone (HGH) as measured by the downstream metabolite IGF-1. My colleagues and I have done many experiments with these three releasing remedies during the last 10 years.

Reversing the Signs and Symptoms of Aging

 “Let hormones rescue you from the ravages of aging!”

Dr. Henrickson and I found that the 1:1 ratio truly works to eliminate signs and symptoms of aging, including decreasing cardiac injection fraction; elevated blood pressure; and a deepening of the lines and wrinkles on the face, hands, and arms. Indeed, before using this 1:1 ratio, I was personally obliged to seek out dermatologists to routinely inject my face with Restylane®, Perlane®, Botox®, and Dysport®. These four substances are the standard remedies used by dermatologists to flatten facial lines damaged by growth hormone deficiency and to fill out sinking facial cavities lacking collagen.

GH and GH-Releasing Peptides Help Reverse Aging

I found that the four standard remedies used by dermatologists were no longer necessary when the 1:1 ratio was injected twice daily. In addition, a patient should schedule a twice-weekly injection holiday. I often chose Wednesdays and Sundays as my injection holidays.

During these holidays, SermMax or ReleasingMax should be used nasally twice daily (10 IU each dose) to naturally release stores of pituitary growth hormone. This twice-weekly change in remedies further enhances the healing and rejuvenating effects of HGH and IGF-1 without stressing or overloading their receptor sites. This stressing or overloading of hormone receptor sites is called tachyphylaxis. This means the tendency for hormone receptors to become desensitized and overstimulated by continuous use without taking any holidays.

The twice-weekly holidays also help improve cardiac function and the signs of aging of the skin organ. Indeed, both superficial and deep skin rhytids (wrinkles) flattened and disappeared after about three months of this holiday protocol. (However, an additional hormone, aldosterone or AldoMax™, is needed to flatten periorbital rhytids, or crow’s feet as well as dry lips [3])


In conclusion, while we await the singularity revolution (age reversal through genetic reprogramming) of Dr. Ray Kurzweil, I strongly encourage everyone interested in optimal health and minimal aging to follow Dr. Henrickson and me with these injections and peptide nasal or sublingual sprays. SermMax, ReleasingMax, and AldoMax are available for purchase at reduced wholesale prices at The nasal application is preferred over sublingual use due to better bloodstream absorption in the nasal cavity. However, both methods of application are efficacious.


   1. Walker, Richard, 2006, Sermorelin: A better approach to management of adult-onset growth hormone insufficiency?, Clinical Interventions in Aging, 1(4), pp. 1-2.


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