9 Things You Didn't Know Oxytocin That Could Improve Health and Youthfulness

Oxytocin, often known as the 'love hormone', is crucial to maintaining many systems in the body. Here are 9 benefits of oxytocin you didn't know about!

When people think of antiaging, they often think about products that make them appear younger. But, did you know that natural hormones and supplements can help?

Youthfulness comes not only from the way you look but also the way you feel! The benefits of oxytocin can help you feel rejuvenated!

Oxytocin Overview

The human body produces oxytocin in the hypothalamus and secretes it from the pituitary gland. It duos as a complex hormone and neurotransmitter in the body. This crucial chemical compound assists with a number of functions that make life worth living!

9 Benefits of Oxytocin for Youthfulness

While your body naturally produces this compound, your levels may decline with age. Low oxytocin may lead to a number of health problems and is potentially linked to autism spectrum disorders.

Taking oxytocin may benefit you in a number of ways. 

Read on to learn what oxytocin can do!

1. Falling in Love

What makes you feel more youthful than the sweeping feeling of your heart skipping a beat? Puppy love will make you feel energetic and new.

During times of bonding, the body naturally releases oxytocin. It surges during cuddling, eye gazing, and deep conversations.

When the levels of this hormone surge, people grow closer. It creates the feeling we describe as love. 

It secures all sorts of loving relationships including romantic, friendship, and parent-child. If you feel a disconnect from others, you may benefit from taking an oxytocin supplement.

2. Aids in Wound Healing

As we age, everything slows down, including the wound healing process. This can lead to extended pain and scarring.

This hormone activates the immune system's regulatory cells. Doing so helps wound healing in two separate ways.

First, it amps up the body's first line of defense to ward off infections. The skin creates a barrier that normally protects you from the numerous germs you come into contact with around your normal environment. 

Any break in the skin puts you at risk for infection, which slows down the healing process and worsens the wound. Strengthening your immunity with oxytocin means protecting yourself from this happening.

Second, oxytocin plays a role in tissue regeneration. So, this compound not only protects you from infection but actually speeds up the rate at which you heal.

3. Reduces Skin Aging

As people age, many factors contribute to the break down of natural collagen and elastin fibers that provide a plump, youthful appearance. This leads to unwanted fine lines and wrinkles.

Researchers looked into the role of oxytocin on skin aging. They discovered that it may play a role in preventing the internal processes that lead to skin aging. This may mean that taking oxytocin will keep you looking younger.

4. Heart Health

Oxytocin does more for the heart than simply make it fall in love. This complex neurotransmitter may actually help protect it from age-related risk factors.

As you age, you may experience structural changes in the veins and arteries that lead to stiffness. In turn, it creates more friction during blood flow, increasing your average blood pressure.

High blood pressure greatly increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. Oxytocin creates effects in the central nervous system that cause the heart rate to slow down and reduce blood pressure.

5. Amps Up Metabolism

Getting older means your metabolism will slow down. This can cause unwanted weight gain.

But, oxytocin may help speed up your metabolism indirectly! When levels of this hormone rise, it causes the amount of cortisol in your system to fall.

Cortisol decreases your levels of thyroid hormone, which then slows down the metabolism. So, counteract this effect by taking a daily dose of oxytocin.

6. Improves Mental Health

As oxytocin lowers the levels of cortisol in the body, it also offers another amazing benefit. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone.

During stressful times, it triggers the 'fight or flight' effect in the central nervous system. This increases heart rate and blood flow to allow you to better deal with dangerous situations.

Unfortunately, excessive amounts of cortisol can contribute to conditions like anxiety and depression. Aging adults tend to be susceptible to these conditions as they experience rapid changes physically, mentally, and environmentally.

When you lower your cortisol levels by taking oxytocin, you may improve your mental health. Also, the feel-good effects of oxytocin may contribute to a happier mindset. This neurotransmitter carries the potential to fight anxiety, depression, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

7. Pain Relief

One thing that can really make a person feel older is chronic pain. Whether you suffer from arthritis or another condition that leaves you hurting, oxytocin may help!

Add potential pain relief to the list of oxytocin benefits. This works through a number of mechanisms.

When the neurotransmitter binds to its receptors, it tends to block out pain signals. This directly helps to subside the pain.

Oxytocin also binds to opioid receptors in the body. This gives it a narcotic-like effect when it comes to pain relief.

As discussed above, the hormone also reduces stress levels. People tend to experience pain more distinctly when stressed than they do when they feel calm, so this also adds to the relief.

8. Stimulates Libido

Everybody feels a little more youthful when hormones surge and kick up their libido. Just as oxytocin facilitates bonding, it makes you feel a little more in the mood.

Oxytocin also intensifies orgasms in both men and women. Taking oxytocin can help people who suffer from sexual dysfunction too.

9. Boosts Memory

Memory loss affects many people as they age. This can be devastating, especially when they start to forget things involving loved ones.

Oxytocin might help protect some of your most precious memories. This hormone stimulates the amygdala of the brain which may strengthen social memories.

Reap the Benefits of Oxytocin

There are numerous benefits of oxytocin. Taking a daily supplement may help you keep yourself feeling and looking youthful.

We cannot stop time, but we can help alter the way it affects you with quality supplements. See what our oxytocin nasal spray can do for you!

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