ReleasePro, an amino acid that boosts natural pituitary function ; Wholesale Price: $25 per bottle

The published work of Richard Walker, M.D., Ph.D. has highlighted that a number of amino acids can significantly enhance pituitary release. The simple amino acid, Sermorelin, contains  29 amino acids that boost pituitary function. It acts by releasing existing stores of substances in the pituitary. This may be important since It is known that past the age of 35, there is a significant reduction of these amino acids in the blood principally because the pituitary lacks the ability to release them. Sermorelin therefore acts not so much as an agonist, but rather as a releasing agent. GHRP2 is the analogue from Ghrelin, a known significant agonist. However, Ghrelin has considerable hunger producing effects. These are overcome by GHRP2 while still enjoying agonist properties. GHRP6 is another natural amino acid on the block that appears to act principally to enhance pituitary levels.  The good news is that all these amino acids are stable at room temperature and do not have to be injected. For example, Sermorelin is taken sublingually, and GHRP6 is intra-nasal, but both can be used either sublingually, nasally, or topically. In addition, when taken together they are synergistic with each other.

Phil Micans

ReleasePro is available at $25 wholesale price for one 5ml bottle as pictured plus tax and shipping. Each bottle contains 50 sprays at 10 IU each for an approximate two month supply. 5ml bottle, 500IU liquid (50 sprays) for nasal, sublingual or topical application.

Ingredients: distilled water, homeopathic micro-lipolysed amino acid GHRP6.

The FDA has not evaluated these claims. No claims are made to correct or cure a disease. Problems caused by aging are not considered to be diseases. Instead, they are natural processes encountered during aging. 

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