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Save Your Brain and Body from Free Radical Attack!

Prominent scientists writing recently in the Journal of Neuroscience have revealed several new discoveries. The brain has its own clearing system separate from the body’s lymphatic system. This clearing system (glymphatic) only works when we’re sleeping. It uses glial cells on the brain’s surface to clean the cellular waste carried by a clear and watery cerebrospinal fluid (2). It’s interesting to note that during waking hours, only 5 percent of this glial cleaning system is active.

This glial or glymphatic system works as a parallel lymphatic system only for the enclosed and isolated brain. Glial cells work largely by maintaining homeostasis and protecting brain cells and neurons from free radical attack. Indeed, many years ago I tested and published research about the activity of human glial cells (3) in disarming the toxic superoxide anion radical in actively respiring glial cells. My unique findings indicated that the brain consumes daily pounds of oxygen that is converted into grams of reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as superoxide and hydrogen peroxide (4). Glial cells use superoxide dismutase (SOD) to deactivate superoxide to ordinary water; they also use catalase (ACF228), which deactivates hydrogen peroxide to water. (ACF228-Breathe Easy).

Third, other scientists have discovered another phenomenon of brain waste disposal with the help of advanced microscopes and dyeing techniques. They found that the brain’s fluid space (called the ‘interstitial space’) exceeded 20 percent of total brain volume during nocturnal hours (see Figure 1a). This allows for the free flow of watery cerebrospinal fluid and waste products. This process also encourages ready disposal of ROS and the toxins that are deactivated and eliminated by enzymes and nutrients (ACF228, SOD, and catalase). As previously mentioned, 95 percent of this activity occurs during restful REM and delta sleep, or under anesthesia. Scientists now know that in the brains of mice the volume of the interstitial space expands by one-third during sleep, and this encourages more than a doubling of cleaning and elimination of brain waste! Significantly, Dr. Nedergaard and his colleagues have surprisingly found that during waking hours almost no inflow of cerebrospinal fluid into the brain occurs.

ACF228™ and ACF228-Breathe Easyprevent free radical damage to essential parts of the body such as the brain. In addition, ACF228-Breathe Easyspecifically prevents free radical attack on sensitive lung endothelial cells by coating them with ACF228 ingredients especially glutathione.

 ACF228is available in a single box package for $39.95 including tax and shipping. (retail value= $49.95). Each box contains 30 capsules. ACF228-Breathe Easyis available in a single-tube package. Postage is free.


The Most Effective Digestive Aid Ever Invented

Digestifwas specially formulated in Sweden at the Royal Institute of Technology for chronic digestive problems that may occur through bacteria contaminants or the consumption of junk food.

Digestifworks more effectively than anything else available at the drug or health food stores. This is because it contains an ancient natural remedy called “mastic” that was known in ancient Greece 2,500 years ago to kill the bacteria (H. pylori) that was and is largely responsible for stomach ulcers. Second, Digestifcontains a licorice extract, deglycyrrhizinated licorice that completely naturally soothes the delicate stomach lining. Third, Digestifcontains all-natural quercetin that is known to damper inflammation in the stomach and intestinal tract. Fourth and fifth, Digestif contains several natural antioxidants known to quench any free radicals present in the GI tract.

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Progesterone Benefits For Improved Health:

Progesterone Prevents Excess Growth of Tissues

Many times patients have asked me why they need to use progesterone supplements. I often reply that progesterone (Progest-Max) is unique because it prevents excessive growth of tissues. In men, excessive growth causes the prostate to become enlarges. In women, excessive growth causes endometriosis and unwanted growth of vaginal tissues. Interestingly, the prostate cells in male fetuses and vaginal cells in female fetuses are the same cells. Thus, both cells are nearly identical and can cause similar problems later on in life.

When the body produces excessive amounts of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or estradiol (E2), both cell types become enlarged. In men, this effect is called benign prostate hypoplasia (BPH). A similar hypoplasia effect is found in women.

To curb these adverse effects, it becomes necessary for women to use a special progesterone cream (Progest-Max), 50mg dose, for two weeks only at the end of their menstrual cycles. Men should use about 20 or 30 mg of the cream perianally nightlyto avoid BPH and for better balance of their hormones.

 Studies have shown that another significant benefit of progesterone (Progest-Max ) is that it protects the brain from damage caused by blows to the head.

Progest-Max is completely natural and specially formulated without additives that may cause allergies or adverse side effects. Women especially swear by the gentle effects of Progest-Max compared to other prescription or over-the-counter progesterone creams have caused them irritation of delicate tissues or an allergic response.

Using our patented ‘MAX’ nanotechnology, Progest-Max is micronized for rapid absorption through the skin.

We offer wholesale 5-bottle package of Progest-Max for $150 excl. tax, plus shipping. (retail value= $250.00). It comes in an attractive cosmetic 50mg bottle containing 1,700mg of pure and natural progesterone. Please use it only for topical application.

    Estrogens stimulates the sympathetic nervous system in women that may cause anxiety and irritability, while progesterone stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which has a calming effect.

 Did you know that...:

  • one of the psychic complaints of an estrogen deficiency is an increased irritability, esp. as premenstrual syndrome (PMS)?
  • women with a long-term progesterone deficiency are more likely to develop breast cancer, breasts and ovarian cysts, and endometriosis?
  • physical signs of estrogens and progesterone deficiencies are often opposite signs?


SermMax Spray

A Simple and Basic Fact about the Aging Process Unknown to Many

As the name implies, growth hormone participates with other key hormones to repair and even regenerate the body. Indeed, thanks to very high levels of growth hormone (GH), young people are able to party all night, and their bodies recover quickly the following day or two without injury or aging—a simple and basic fact about the aging process unknown to many!

Given the powerful regenerative effects of GH, the US Congress in its infinite wisdom legislated to forbid all sales of GH except to those who show extreme deficiencies. However, the eminent professor of pharmacology in Florida, Dr. Richard Walker, found a way around this congressional deadlock. He removed the first 29 amino acids from the growth hormone 191-amino-acid chain, and tested the result. He found that this 29-amino-acid segment is nearly as effective as the entire 191 chain! He calls this segment ‘Semorelin.’

We have bottled Semorelin in liquid form in a nasal spray bottle. To aid in absorption in the nasal cavity or under the tongue, we have micronized Semorelin with special ultrasound techniques. We call our fine spray, ‘SermMax’, and we have a limited supply available wholesale to practitioners. SermPro will release from the pituitary gland completely natural GH to the benefit of all organs, cells and tissues throughout the body. In fact, stem cells can only heal by having GH present. Veterinarians use it for rapid healing of their injured and aging animal patients. Using our patented ‘PRO’ nanotechnology, SermMax, is micronized for rapid absorption through the skin, nasal cavity or under the tongue.

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